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    Grip-set.com is a web blog dedicated to ALL automotive enthusiasts. We started this site for everyone who shares a like passion. We started this to recognize all street soldiers, a union for folks who truly rep' their rides on the daily to be honored!!!! Too often we see the same old car hogging the spotlight, at a show, a "top notch" meet, or in magazines. We are not trying to knock any of them because JOB WELL DONE!!!  But we are not here to coat tail, your 15min of fame ends here! GRIPSET's dedication is to bring you the "Grassroots," all the car $#!& magazines don't want you to see......

While we still strive for the utmost quality, and passion expressed in our featured cars,  Gripset continues to scour the streets looking for you!!!!  

GRIPSET is your free all access pass to get the behind the scenes, onsite in your face coverage - the insider view of the things we do, traveling to places you've never been from behind the lens!

   The focus is trying to cover car related events, and shed more light on our culture respectively to our surrounding areas, as much as possible. Also we provide weekly features & so much more. Be sure to check Gripset daily for all up to date info.

Until next time...Enjoy 

Inside Scoop

Here's a few things we have in the works:

-  Event Coverages [West Coast & East Coast]
- Our Apparel/Decal.
- Monthly Calendar Events & much more