PURSUIT OF PERFECTION • YJ Kim's 2006 Lexus Is350

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Going hard in the paint again, is Nick Gales, one of our newest additions to the GS fam. Big Thanks to all of you who keep and eye on GripSet, on our features, and support us! Truly keeps us motivated.

Everyday is a "win some,loose some day," everything is a compromise. Every choice has a repercussion. With the release of this second generation IS, I'm sure Lexus/Toyota Motor Co. felt none of those. This new body style is one of the most versatile yet. Not only does it fit all ages they expanded their grasp on the market with the release of the IS-F. Snagging up the business minded and sports enthusiasts alike. The 1st gen IS AKA Altezza Chassis was a hit too, it had a greater customizable appeal and left more room to seriously upgrade. It would be the versatility, that would solidify the 2G, good as gold in the end. Modded in many forms, this chassis has to be king. This week we highlight YJ Kim's rendition of the is350.

Anyone can mod a vehicle, but to really pursue perfection takes time, money, care, patience, and passion. It took me all 7 months in Iraq which then I’ve decided on the Lexus IS after totaling my previous car right before deployment. As soon as the car was in my possession, modding began with help of my brothers from the military with the same hobby and passion. Countless late night hours with cases of Red Bulls were spent in the garage and driving 3 hours to pick up parts became a regular occasion. The transformation was happening slowly but surely. My goals were plain and simple. Build for ME as to what I like and attention to details. Though I’d bounce off different ideas or options with friends, eventually I had to like, if not love, every mod small or big. Attention to detail came natural with my OCD and often I would ask if I can help whenever my car was being worked on at a shop. This helped me not only increase my mechanical skills but care more about my car putting in my own blood and sweat. It took me few years to get to this point of build where I have to think hard and creative about my next mod. However, I’m happily satisfied with my build so far, and as someone said “if you’re not looking back at your car while walking away from parking lot, you’re doing something wrong.”

The greatest reward of modding a car for me is seeing my vision become a reality with each part and work put into it. Also, meeting people who share the same passion and appreciating each others vision. Club Lexus has made it all possible with numerous knowledgeable and helpful members all around the country. Though the visions may differ from one another, one thing in common we all share is that chase of pursuit of perfection.

Vertex Front Lip
Vertex Side Skirts
Vertex Rear Lip, 2 tone paint
Wald Trunk Spoiler
CF Roof Spoiler
Black Roof Vinyl
Kazz Sport Grill
Blacked Out Headlight & Fog Light Housings
2010 Tail Lights

Custom Mounted Dakota Digital Air Gauge
Custom mounted Air Switches
3M CF Wrapped Interior
Blue/White Dash & Nav LED Swap
Junction Produce Tsuna & Fusa

Wheels & Suspension
19” Work Termist (Discontinued)
Project Kics R26 – Neo Chrome
UAS with Tanabe Sustec Pro 5 Coilovers
F Sport Sway Bar

F sport Intake
PTS Exhaust – Joe Z Series

Shout Out
Dave @ DTM Autobody
Kevin @ Autogear
Raymond @ M1
Team Echelon
Club Lexus and all members I’ve met through the years.

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