CLEAN & CLASSY • Raul Banales's 1995 Honda Accord

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Joshua Sayre is a young and bright talent here at GripSet. He was introduced to us by Nate, from last years "one of a kind," feature. He's an independent kid with loads of talent and a heavy future in this industry. Not only did he find this feature, his timing was impeccable. Although it's a collab, his official GripSet debut is close. Kids got talent! He's already family; plus there's possibly no better home there here at GripSet right ( YOU BETTER HAVE ANSWERED YES!!! LOL )?

So we caught wind of Raul's accord earlier on in the year via our young and bright talent, Joshua, clearly it's stunningly clean it deserved a feature. In truest form we strive to continually honor the community, our followers, their cars, their builds. I don't want to say it hurts when hard work goes unnoticed but the truth of it is, it does! Builds like this are reminders for us to stay true to what makes our builds unique. That doesn't mean run out and go buy the oddest car you can find and lace it with one off parts. It just means do you, to the best of your ability; your day in the spotlight is near. From the jump the little details stood out to us, the balance of this build was on point. Well equipped and not overly exaggerated. Surely it's the shaved bits that accentuate that but it didn't stop there. The interior was appropriately fitted, and the whole car just flowed. You don't see too many modest built, wholesome, fun-looking cars like this much these days. No crazy stance setup, or fancy aero with big wings - but exactly the opposite, a true functional car. So enjoy, this excerpt of Raul's "Clean & Classy" accord.

I got into car lifestyle through car audio always wanted the loudest and nicest system, I started buying my car stereo system before I knew what car I wanted. When it was time for a car I looked at many cars I was looking for a car with a double din stereo holder for my stereo which was a cd and tape player in one top of the line back then. When I saw the accord it was everything I was looking for, next I bought rims for it. Every payday I had to buy something for it piece by piece the car started changing little did I know I was hooked on customizing the car. I would go to car shows and look at magazines to get ideas. My goal was to have my car in a hot imports nights car show and be in a magazine. I just loved the satisfaction of building the car and having people like it.

AEM intake
FFC strut bar
PC Red Valve Cover
Optima Red Top Battery

Mugen Grill
Shaved door handles
Shaved trunk
Shaved side moldings

Nardi Deep Corn steering wheel
Pioneer deck
2x 15" kicker subs
Custom fiberglass dash board
Custom Black Leather with red stitch interior

Function & Form Coilovers

17x8.5 + 9 Work vs xx wheels
215/45/17 Nankang

Shout Out
my family for putting up with my car and crazy ideas especially my wife,friends that helped along the way like you and everyone that went to the show with us and everyone that said something good about the car and liked what I built.

Future Plans
Air suspensions,maybe some new wheels or this crazy idea that has to do with the paint I haven't decided. For now I'm just going to enjoy it with my son the future owner of this accord.

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  1. Anonymous2/07/2014

    bravo!!! it put a smile on my face thank you..

  2. Anonymous2/07/2014

    "Clean and Classy!!" (car and photography.)