R YOU SERIOUS? • Alex Alfaro's 98' Integra Type R

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We never stop looking for the next feature, or hoping that our next supporter submits their ride. The keen eye of John Sediego, our SD GripSet aficionado, seems to be in tune with our needs. As the year begins to wind up for the end of 2013. We slow it down a bit, and bring you some passionate builds. 

A passion so huge makes a dream come true. It was this inspirational tale that led us to this point. A intersection with GripSets vision, and Alex's hard work and dedication - Loving a timeless car designed by Honda in the mid-90's. When DOHC Vtec was vaguely understood, and underestimated. Staying focused on a dream, his dream, that one true prize is always worth it in the end. It may take a while to get there, but sweet is the victory of self satisfaction. Great is the victory when a publication can highlight all your efforts. This 1998 Integra Type R embodies what we stand for, what we believe in. It's GripSet! Love & Loyalty. Not everyone will like it, not everyone can appreciate it, but still it exists and remains a force to be reckoned with. Even though it has been done before, and attempted by many, it's legend lives on. Bold, daring, fresh, and rare as they come, revived; Alex's rendition of the ITR is our flavor to get this week movin!

I would say my biggest inspiration of this build would be OldSkool aka Shaun Joesph and his Mugen 97 ITR. Once I saw his car on the net I was inspired to do the whole Mugen kit on my ITR. Despite that the 97 and 98 had two different front ends. I was fortunate enough to already have the JDM front end, so all I had to do was to get the Mugen front bumper. My influence for cars started when I was young. Most of my cousins were into cars which were also mostly Hondas, Back in 90s; and every time there was a family gathering, I would always see their cars. What caught my attention was the DC2 chassis. Just the way the chassis was design and the interior really had me thinking when I get my driver license I will get one for myself.

I remember one day I had traveled down to San Diego for family gathering and one of my cousins told me to come by his place to check a car out that he got recently. I asked what the car was and he told just come by, I rather show it to you than telling you. After the party started to come to a end I asked my Dad to take me to my cousins house. Once we arrived near the house I started walking towards the garage, which was already open. When I started to get closer to the garage, right away I saw the quarter panel of the car and it had a decal "Integra Type R'. I was stunned. When he gave me a walk through of the ITR I was amazed on how Honda made this car for racing purposes which will please a car enthusiast like myself. Also what makes the ITR so special is, the badge number on the arm rest. It makes the ITR so limited because they only sold a certain amount of ITRs in the U.S. When my cousin took me on a test ride I was pleased with the performance and the handling the car had to offer. What really surprised me was, the ITR was stock. In my mind I was thinking to myself I definitely want one once I am able to drive. So the true motivation of this build would be to finally build what I always dreamed of having, a Mugen ITR. I work all the overtime I can get in order to fulfill my dream of putting it together and purchase all the Mugen parts offered for my car. It took me awhile, but with the help of ICB Motorsports I was able to source almost all the stuff I needed.

Mugen Front Bumper | Mugen Side Skirts | Mugen 1st Gen Wing
Mugen Oil Pan | Mugen Thermostat | Mugen MF10s 16x7 Offset 43
Mugen Intake | Mugen Pedals | ARP Wheel Extended Studs
Earl’s Stainless Steel Brake Line | JDM 4-1 Header
Spoon Springs w/ Blisten Shocks | Spoon Rigid Collar Front & Rear
Skunk2 Pro Series Plus front & rear camber kit
Fluidyne Radiator | 96 Spec ITR Steering Wheel
JDM Air Bag Tray block off | DC5 Recaros
Miracle X Bar 2nd Gen

Future Modifications
Mugen S1 Seats | Mugen Valve Cover
Mugen M7 | Mugen Twin Loop
Mugen 1st Gen Strut Bar | Mugen Active Gate Brake System
Mugen Hood | Mugen FG360 Steering Wheel
Ground Control w/ Koni Yellow Shocks | Toda Headers
All the optional bars for the Miracle X Bar

Special Thanks to: My Family who supported me on this build all the way, my friends who were their for me when I needed some help you know who you are, ICB Motorsports & the AS1 Family.

Thanks Again and I am honored to be featured by Grip Set

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