PAPARAZZI PAPARAZZI • Virgil Patdus 2002 Lexus LS430

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This guy has been beastin lately, and If you understood his passion for GripSet you could probably tell it's clearly visible by his onslaught of coverage recently. His passion for cars is tremendous, I'm talking motor vehicles period, a true passion without bias. Colin Kagel turns up this week with some clean daily VIP footage.

I bet your wondering where we get our titles sometimes, so do we! LOL. Well sometimes they come to us! It was early in the morning when men armed with cameras began shooting this lovely Lexus in the Hills of Beverley. Rare activities as such, in these quiet, quaint, secluded neighborhoods could only mean one thing to onlookers? Papa-papa-razzi! They assumed our camera men were dying for a glimpse of some unexpected star, when in actuality it was just another feature. Simply put, that's how it all came to be. If only photo shoots were recorded 24/7 there would be some hilarious outtakes for you all to see. Now that I think about it, S/O to all the blogs and their photogs for their dedication and hardwork. We go through some 'ish for that perfect pic! Happy Holidays!

I’ve been an enthusiast since I was young. I’ve come to appreciate different genres in the scene, but I've mainly been involved with imports. With the Lexus, I wanted to build a traditional VIP car. Having been fascinated for 10 years in the VIP scene, I wanted to represent what was already known in Japan. Many great builds have come to the US in the past years, but I wanted something for myself. Simplicity was my goal. Being my daily driver, I just wanted a beautiful car that I can appreciate without worrying too much about everyday problems. It’s important for me to find functionality especially when I have family riding in the car.

Aesthetically, I tried to model the true essence of Japan VIP or “Bippu”. “Drive it like you park it,” as they say. But that doesn’t come easy on LA streets. As the VIP scene is evolving worldwide, we can still come to appreciate the simple builds and keeping it classic, in a sense. That’s what caught my attention 10 years ago and I stuck to it. Simple body kit, simple stance and classy all around.

Full LED interior

JIC Magic VIP Coilovers
Phantom Cup Kit by Platinum VIP
Megan rear suspension arms

SSR Vienna Kleid
19x9.5 (f)
19x10 (r)

215/35/19 (f)
235/35/19 (r)

Aimgain Smartline body kit
Fabulous tail lights
LED side mirrors
Kazz Sports blue side mirror
Badgless front grille

Almighty Fujita Intake

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