H2O Intn'l • Event Coverage ( LAST of 2013 FILES ) - HAPPY NEW YEARS!

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I know you may be saying errrrmahgerrd batman why so late? But better late than never is our reply, hahahaha! This is just one of those times where many of us were busy. Photo/Feature edits just slipped through the cracks. The worst time and the free time to finish this up would come during the holiday season. There was no way, or no better way than to end the new year than with the extraordinary images from GripSets Logan Wilson of H2Oi.

The year is ending and GripSet is honored and grateful for the love and support we received in 2013. We surely hope it continues to grow. Moving forward as always, Now we prep for the promising future of 201Four! This past year one of our Key players, the Co-Founder, had to step back a bit and focus on some personal things. We can't wait to have her back, because by that loss we temporarily we were crippled. that bump in the road had quickly sent us for a spin, creating pressure and strain on a few areas, but with all the crew in support we seamlessly adapted. Not to brag but Our GripSet Family is surely amongst the best people in the world. As we continually restructure in the year to come, we hopes to connect with a lot of you more. Thank You for you support, and love, and being an extension to our family. HAPPY NEW YEAR FROM ALL OF US AT GRIPSET.


Interesting reflection in the mirror. I think he might be a little upset about the shark, brothas aren't to fond of the ocean, let alone a shark!
much ass!
we bet him $1000 dollars that he couldn't find the vtec solenoid

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