FUNCTION = FORM • Andy Kuo's 2007 Subaru Impreza WRX

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Our relationship with newcomer Nick Gales pre-dates GripSet. It was a friendship kindled by cars, between he and our founder. Years later as fate would have it the two paths would cross again. Low and behold with his debut feature as a GripSet photographer, also repping So.Cal, Nick Gales lends his crisp talents!

We just can't get enough of those passionate builds. In any shape or form. This year we will strive to bring you more of that content we all enjoy. The clean, the bold, the vivid. Andy's fresh looking WRX is one of those. Often we see Subaru's that look so similar it's hard to pick the right one. But, this Black Sheep could not be ignored. It's a subtle terror. In an excerpt from his words, the balance is there. Surely everyone has their own cup of tea, and even if you sip it just once this is brewed right! Enjoy this as we bring the new years to a close with a taste of Function meeting form, in the streets of LA!

My car has been built to exemplify the ideology that function equals form, and to embody a fine balance between the two, in my eyes. Every part acquired for the car serves a specific purpose to address a facet of the car that I felt needed improvement, to increase my overall satisfaction and euphoria I feel every time I drive it. All the aero parts on the car for downforce resulted in a car that is aggressive yet clean with all the body lines and parts flowing together. The car has a low stance with plenty of suspension mods and braces but handles very firmly yet completely neutrally pushing hard through corners. The car exudes a unique but modest boxer rumble from my exhaust setup but is ear splittingly loud when the external wastegate opens up when going WOT and hitting peak PSI. The car pulls hard all the way until redline with the upgraded turbo setup yet still maintains the same spool and powerband of the tiny stock turbo due to my supporting mods, tune, and EWG. While being pushed back due to torque or pulled sideways through corners, my Recaro bucket and Cusco cage keep me planted in an optimal driving position and secure. The car, as it currently sits, is a result of a painfully slow build over six years and has been built strictly for my own personal gratification; not for exposure, hype, fads, or conformity that all too often undermines the community, so I definitely am thankful for all those who have shared and appreciated my build for what it is.

YimiSport Protuned – 302whp/324tq @ a conservative 17 PSI
Ported and Polished VF39
Ported and Polished STI TMIC
STI TMIC Scoop Splitter
Walbro 255 Fuel Pump
Prodrive Cold Air Intake
USDM STI Genome Axleback
PDE Catless Bellmouth downpipe
Cobb Accessport V2
Grimmspeed EBCS
Grimmspeed 44mm External Wastegate Uppipe w/ dumptube
Tial 44mm V-band Wastegate
Agency Power Pitch Stop

18x8.5 +48 5x100 Advan RS
25mm Ichiba Front Spacers
Advan Low-type Centercaps
Project Kics R40 Neo-Chrome Lug Nuts
235/40/18 Nitto NT05
BC Racing BR Coilovers
Cusco Rear Camber Plates
Cusco 25mm Rear Swaybar
Cusco Rear bushings
Cusco Rear Subframe Brace
Cusco Rear Diffuser Bracket
Helix Rear Swaybar Endlinks
Eibach Rear Camber bolts
Removed/Trimmed fender liners
Relocated/Tucked wiring harness
Rolled & Pulled front fenders
Trimmed & Cut rear fenders

Voltex Rear Diffuser
Chargespeed Bottomline Sideskirt Extensions
Chargespeed Front Lip
Chargespeed C/F Mirrors
Debadged 2007 STI Trunk
2007 STI Lower Wing Portion
SYMS Upper Wing Portion w/ Adjustable C/F blade
2005 Rear Taillights
Ureshi Roof spoiler
Lamin-X Yellow Foglight overlays
Type RA-R Pignose
Xenon HIDs
LED Plate Lights

Recaro Speed Driver’s Bucket
Version 8 Prodrive STI Cluster
Cusco 6 Point Roll Cage
5 Point Takata Harnesses
DEFI Gauge Pod
Prosport Boost Gauge
Gutted rear interior
JDM STI 5-Speed Shift Knob
STI shifter trim
STI Floormats
Full White LED Interior Dome/map lights

I finally have reached a point where I can just drive my car and be genuinely content with where it sits. I’ve addressed everything that I’ve felt needed to be addressed and never get tired of looking at it, driving it, or hearing it each day. However, with time and if the opportunity presents itself, I’d like to get aggressive spec-TE37’s and another Recaro bucket for the passenger side. In the meantime, I’m currently looking to powdercoat my Advans gold.

The TS|Symphony family, in addition to all those and anyone who has appreciated and respected my build.

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