10 YEARS of MOTOR 4 TOYS • Event Coverage

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There are countless places in the world where we could have been born, a million possibilities for living circumstances and scenarios we could be in, but torn down to the raw basics we have our "freedom" as Americans. Having a meet for the heck of it, or for a (com)passionate cause is where we draw our strengths and leave messages to our future. Colin Kagel is my "sunrise guy," if you can't tell by the pics, it was butt-crak-of-dawn-early, and Colin was out on his grind. No sad face, no excuses, FOR ALL OF YOU!

There are very few automotive events that offer as wide of an array of cars as Motor4Toys in Woodland Hills, CA. Now in it's 10th year, Motor4toys combines dozens of car clubs into one gigantic show all in the name of charity. Every year the event grows larger and larger as more people hear from friends in the automotive community about the magic taking place. Starting in the wee hours of the morning, the cars start streaming in. Lamborghini's and Ferrari's packed to the roof with unwrapped toys for local children in need all arrange themselves in the massive lot. Then come the domestic cars, the VWs, and then just about anything else you can think of from vintage Jaguars to the Batmobile. By 10 o'clock, cars are still trickling in but it is time to start hiking around to see what you can find. It is great to see so many members of the automotive community come together to share their passions and make a difference.

-Colin K.

The worlds most sought after corolla
Power of this image. Love it! INCEPTION!
ERA dated goodies accessorize this fine Porsche
His buddy Luke asked, should he come through in his Prius..............!?
Classics holding their own amongst giants
Lovely rim job

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