PANDA JUNCTION • Event Coverage

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We give our best efforts, here at GRIPSET, to bring you real life, live, and refreshing automotive culture from around the world. With the efforts of Rodney Waller, a GRIPset Veterano, his coverage of "Panda Junction" keeps that idea alive.

"Panda Junction" is a collab event that grew from a string of successful meets. It was a home for many locals that caught the attention of so many! Blowing the stage wide open for a successful event, it was a no brainer for some giants on the rise to tag-team. The Panda meets, started by LosGoonies, teamed up with Tuner-Evolution to make this event possible. Growing in success, both TE & LG put together something epic for Maryland and the surrounding locations. The turn-out, by word of mouth alone, let's us know that you can expect more greatness in the future from both these brands. Don't forget support your locals, support your vendors, and for future event updates, head over to


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