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This collab feature with video, could have never been possible without the talents and permissions of both bike builders, Destroyer Customs, and photographer Cay Leppälä,  for their part in getting this to us. Our key GripSet player was Colin Kagel who provided the final image renderings that made this a concrete feature for the 'set. It's been looooong overdue, but with patience success is inevitable.

Welcome to Mopo Kuvia. The bold world of motorcycles, mopeds, and "destoyer customs." Something refreshing for you all!!!! It was nearly a year ago when we crossed an image of the matte black monster floating in cyber space. The bold aggressive build drew us in, like a fish on a hook. It was perfect for GripSet. It was true to spirit, and it had a meancing look to compliment it's name; The Destroyer. After a short dig the connections were adding up and we were finally in contact with the Finnish builders. Finnish? Yes, Finlad!! C'mon that language barrier would not stop us from getting this to you. It slowed us down surely, but determined and armed with our passion, we made it! Enjoy our collab footage of the MAD KUUSAA, HAYABUSA 1300 STREETFIGHTERS, The Destroyer's I & II Customs.

Destroyer I
The motivation came in 2002, inspired by bomber magazine, which was building fighter bikes. The first bike I set out to build was a 95’ Suzuki gsxr 750, built fighter style. It was glorious as it started burning rubber, like no other bike I had ever built. The following summer I bought a 1100 engine, and it was tuned up quite a bit. To extract the max potential the engine. The engine was placed in all possible tuning scenarios you could think of, resulting in our final hp numbers that put us at 240hp to rear wheel. During the summer of 2006, as I was riding, the bike slipped into woods and was shattered. It was a complete loss. Autumn 2006 I got hayabusa. With each passing winter I edged closer and closer to creating the ‘"DESTROYER.’’ The essence of the Streetfighter is customizing a bike for maximum performance, riding and burning rubber vicious and hard. The basic ground layout was built in part by the Destroyer team and all modified are self-made. It was most difficult finding parts to endure the abuse it takes blazing rubber, burning it long, and riding our bikes hard. However, I am very pleased with the end result, not exactly what I planned, just almost. It could still be very well classified as perfect. It is a good to drift and drive fast, yes I did say drift!!!

Destroyer I
Suzuki Hayabusa 2001
Own product swingarm
12” billet rear WHEELS with 330/30-17 tires
40mm spread billet Fork Bridge
6” front wheels, modified spread with hayabusa wheels.
180/55-17 Front tires
Own product fender
Modified super shorty tail
Modified gas tank
Dragster handlebars with motoscope mini digital meter
RRT Rearsets
NISSIN Radial brake/clutch master cylinder
Kellermann Micro 1000 DF
Streetfighter Mask

240hp /188NM engine
84mm JE piston kit
+ 2mm crankshaft
Ported cylinder head
Brock's cams with APE adjustable sprockets
APE titanium valve spring retainers
APE valve springs
APE cylinder studs and heavy duty head nuts
Heavy Duty Clutch Spring
High volume oil pump gear
Yoshimura Exhaust
Power commander
Custom painted maston 121

Next on the things to do list, is put Supercharger System...why to get more power! LOL I have no other projects in the works, so it is only fitting to make this bigger, better, and faster than before.

Thanks go to our Destroyer Custom team and photographer Cay Leppälä.

Destroyer II
The summer of 2005 I tried a friends Suzuki gsxr 1100 and I was immediately sold. First I got Suzuki gsxr 750 -91 and built a street fighter. I needed to get more power. The next summer I upgraded to a Suzuki 1100 -91 and built that into a street fighter. Again, I had to get more power, so it had to tuned up. It was finally 165hp at rear wheel. In summer of 2009 I saw Mad Mike's Hayabusa Fighter and had to get the same. The style was so raw, so different, and perfect for me. It took two winters to build the destroyer. First winter we focused on building the machine and little appearance. Second winter the fat rear wheels would become the final changes. Street fighter has always been a good-look and it is fun to build. Power is always good, we love to have plenty of it, so it had to tuned up/modified. Machine tuning is its own handiwork. Machine parts as you would say engine internals were ordered, drag-race spec, and fitted. The building resulted in a lot of self-made parts, custom one-offs, nearly all self-made excluding painting. The hardest part was the swingarm, it was done by Pena Isomäki. Pena has also helped wheels dissemination. The results.......... I am very pleased. It became almost, exactly what I had planned. Many have been asking can it drive and YES IT CAN !!! In the same way it bends curve. Perhaps not so fast as before. We built with experience two version of the Destroyer. The Destroyer I and II engine is built on virtually the same parts concept.

Destroyer II

Suzuki Hayabusa 1999
Modified swingarm with Honda 1000RR and Yamaha R1
12” billet rear WHEELS with 330/30-17 tires
40mm spread billet fork bridge
GSXR 1000 -08 front forks
5,5” front wheels, modified dissemination with GSXR 1000 -06 wheels.
180/55-17 Front tires
GSXR 1000 -08 distributed fender
Modified KTM RC8 tail
Modified gas tank
Kellermann Micro 1000 DF
Streetfighter Mask
Gilles rearset
-08 hayabusa radiator
NISSIN Radial brake/clutch master cylinder
Fat Bar handlebar
Motoscope mini digital meter
Painting: Judge Brush

Next planned is put Supercharger Systems. Maybe not soon, but at some time ? Any others projects there are currently no. Beginning of this year we constitute facebook Destroyer Custom site. Where is constructing pictures and other stuff. Where everyone interested is can follow in our projects.Destroyer Custom team is Tuomas Laitinen, Mad Mike Aho and Pena Isomäki.

Thanks go to our Destroyer Custom team and photographer Cay Leppälä.

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