JOLLY GREEN GIANT • Frederik Ceulemans 1975 MK1 Volkswagen Scirocco TS

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The talented, and amazing, never cease to amaze! Our UK photographer Neil Sterry, AKA "the butcher," strikes again. With this rare classic entry it's the finest example of time, and patience, to turn the ordinary into extraordinary.

One man's junk is always another man's treasure, isn't that often the case? The greatest part is when it takes it's new lease on life in a good home. The new passionate owner overwhelmed with ideas, and thoughts to revive a piece of history. The scirocco which replaced the Karmin Ghia, another classic by volkswagen, hit North America in 1975. I don't know if that's enough information for you to classify this as rare,but, if it did not, let me help you with some other factual finds. There are only 5 registered, and less than 20 early chrome bumper Mk1's altogether in the UK! THAT IS RARE MY FRIENDS!!! The great side to that, is you've got a chance to see one of the best ones on one of the best sites! GripSet! GripSet staff and a lot of our features are all for the passion! Keep supporting the GripSet fam so we can continue to bring you the best!

When I bought the car in February 2008, it had seen better days. Despite that, I choose this Scirocco because it's an original TS from 1975, meaning it has the small blinkers on the front. Originally I fitted some KW coilovers with 15” HTN KS-design wheels. I loved driving it like that but I wanted more power. I managed to find an ABF from a MK3 golf which had been used for demonstrations at a school, and had never been driven. It had done 0 miles! With no experience in engine changes, I gave the job to someone else, which was the worst mistake I ever made! The guy screwed up big time! It was in his garage for almost 1 and a half years and it still didn’t run properly. Even the wiring loom was a disaster, with cables hanging loose next to the exhaust. So I went over there, took the car back home and started on it myself. With the help from some good friends I got it running how it's supposed to.

With power no longer an issue, the next point of call was bigger brakes to anchor the new engine to a halt. I chose G60 brakes all round, which only led to the next problem. The 15" wheels would no longer fit over the calipers. I found a set of 7.5x16" BBS RF's, and snapped them up! Unbelievably, only 2 wheels showed up. The other 2 were lost in shipping and I haven't seen them since. Luckily my brother had a set of 8x17" BBS RF's for sale, so I bought them and ran the 17's at the back with 16's at the front, giving the car some slight nose-down rake, which looked awesome, but was impractical with the sump being so close to the ground. Air ride was the best solution for this problem, and again I could enjoy driving it for a while!

From day one, I had been searching for spare parts. By the end of summer 2011 I'd collected almost everything I needed for the full restoration. I started stripping the Scirocco to a bare shell and removed everything from the engine bay, which was a really hard job but it was the way I wanted it. In March 2012 the shell went into Marc Loncke's body shop in Zonhoven. He did all the welding and sanding. As well as a great job painting the car in the original color “PALMA METAL”. While the Scirocco was with Marc, I prepared the Porsche brakes and some other parts, such as the chrome window trim which has been completely sanded and polished again. The Scirocco was back in my garage in July 2012, the rebuild was under way! I started with the wiring and the air install. Next came the brakes, which wasn’t as easy as I thought it would be because once the brakes were mounted, the BBS RF wheels didn’t fit anymore so the search for new wheels would have to start all over again. I found a set of 7.5x17” BBS RS that fitted perfect after rebuilding the whole chassis to 5x100. This was the look that I wanted!

After the wheels and brakes came the engine, which was in the Scirocco before, so this couldn’t be a hard job! When the engine was back in place I wasn’t really happy with how it looked, the engine was completely painted matte black, but I wanted it to be a little more special. So thanks to Davy De Rycke, I got in contact with Arpi from RS-Tuning to get a few parts remade in carbon fibre. This is where things got a little bit out of hand, that “few” parts became a lot of parts just to make everything complete! While I was piecing together the rest of the Scirocco, my brother, Phil was working on the interior. He has been studying interior fabric at evening school for about 2 years. He bought himself a sewing machine, and got to work on it. This is only his third interior, and the first including the dash and headliner. He did a really great job, the effort he put in it really means a lot to me! The Scirocco was starting to come together by this point, but there was still a lot of work to do, and the deadline for Worthersee 2013 was drawing near. I started the engine for the first time in March 2013, only a few weeks before Worthersee, but there was a delay on my fuel lines. After fixing some minor problems, the engine ran smoothly, and I was almost happy. I still had to put all the carbon pieces on the engine. The first test drive was about 2 weeks before Worthersee. I was pretty scared to drive it out of the garage where it had been hidden away all this time. There were still some small problems that kept me busy while my brother finished the last interior parts. The night before we left for Worthersee we worked until almost midnight to get everything done, but all the hard work has paid off, and I've been enjoying it ever since!

Respraid in the original color “Palma Metal”
Porsche door handles
Carbon bumper details

2.0 16V ABF from a MK3
Inlet manifold from an Audi S2 that’s been shorted and welted to fit the original ABF throttle
Shaved bay with carbon and chrome details
Custom water cooler

Gas airride
7.5x17” BBS RS finished in high gloss polished
Porsche 996 front and rear brakes

Full leather retrim
Custom dashboard finished in leather with carbon details
Porsche tombstone seats
Porsche 356 seats belts
Raid 280mm steering wheel with snap off

I really want to thank my brother, Ducky and Noppe and the rest of my friends for all the help and support during the build. I couldn’t have done this without them!

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