IMPORT ALLIANCE • Video Coverage

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Sometimes it's 50, 10, 20, or 100 images gracing the terabytes of GRIPSET web pages. Other times, it's a refreshing video of featured whips, as well as event coverage or even a combination of both. It's these beautiful talents that help us showcase our culture, lent to us by the brave few we call Gripset Fam. This week Danny Tran and his ingenious tactics brings you some more of that good ol' GRIPset steez!

Import Alliance, Fall Gathering, 2013 took place on Sunday October 27th at LP Field, Nashville TN. There's so many things to be said about Import Alliance, good things, safely said great things........ I'm nearly speechless as thoughts bombard my brain; ( I feel like droppin' a Lil Wayne styled verse real quick, as I nerdout - "I pass gas on her forehead, I call it brain fart.") Basically, IA, aka Import Alliance, is known as one of the event giants--grassroots, showmanship type of stuff. None of the BS fixed awards, or trophies. Now, we are not dissing any events that give out awards, because that, for some, is the icing on the cake. We are just identifying what makes shows like this huge, different, and true to form. Love, passion, memories, and motivation bring thousands to each IA event wherever it's held, not an award. Keeping the "enthusiasts" focused on builds, for a competitive show, really keeps things unique. The quality of rides is rumored to be astounding, and the variety is among the best in the globe. If you ever get a chance to attend one...........Do it!!

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