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Two heads are always better than one, but two lenses? Pure Magic. Each photographer sees something different in that lens,hence our Part. II coverage. Newcomer to the GripSet Family, a very young man by the name of Joshua Sayre has joined the GripSet Familia. The Kids these days will own the future. Their talents are bright, promising, and abounding.

    Part 2.  Auto Fashion VIP Fest 2013. Some exotic "Eye-Candy" Diamonds are forever! Some customized interior to elevate the plushness of this CL Aleks SRT8 Crushin it. This is a revision from our "Devils Advocate" feature back in March. My boy Preston of Function & Form, and co-worker Darlene BGP at their display booth... Some wicked fitment going down here Raw renditions of Jap Classicks I guess we will assume this car is well equip'd That purple, pa-purple, pa-purple, pa-purple, Ojay always doing something fresh Air setups have became so elaborate they appear seamlessly factory optional equipment I love the passion put into this car hashtag double post No cellulite, no dimples, just smoooove, thatasstho!

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