AUTO FASHION VIP FEST 2013 • Event Coverage

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The event that grows evermore each year, seems to be Auto Fashion. In this tailored lifestyle, these VIP, and VIP styled cars highlight another aspect of our car culture. On site was GripSet's John Sediego, to cover it all. Telling the story from behind his lens we go in depth with the flare of VIP Automobiles.

On Sunday March 10th 2013, AutoFashion USA Celebrating their "OFFICIAL" Grand Opening, an event honoring their footing in American VIP renditions and their supporters, both OG's and new comers. As our live feed was unfolding on IG it caused a bit of commotion, raising the brow to the ignorance of some enthusiasts and a lack of knowledge and or exposure to the VIP car scene. Despite who we may have lost, or who we may have gained one thing will remain said when the air clears; GripSet was there!!! OUR GOAL AT GRIPSET IS TO BRING YOU THE TRUTH. NOT THE CENSORED CRAP OF WHAT'S ACCEPTABLE. Yes everyone loves mad clean whips, fitment, camber, pretty paint, we do to. Well it's all here, just on another level. WE WANT TO ENCOMPASS ALL ANGLES OF OUR CULTURE - It can come in many forms, and it will come in a variety of styles and compositions and this weeks feature event is AutoFashion's VIP Festival where one and all were welcomed.

One Mini Van that would surely open up a new realm of steez for soccer dads

"be the change you wish to see in the world"

a unique combination the rare m45, and a set of matching TEs

one of the best VIP Styled Chrysler 300's

historical jap wagon in attendance

Crushin it, job design Lexus

hammered lip can only mean one thing, low in da streets on a daily grind!

Love the photo but we encourage safety first!

An aggressive 2GS in custom form

purrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrfection! Fitted with Junction Produce in and out.

even the ruckus's came out to get their shine on

all the way from HI

customs seem to be the huge thing this year and the year to come.

remarkable Previa state side

personal fave, the color scheme just works

euros also in attendance showing support for automotive culture

a recent feature of ours, Jowell sharing his vip passion

our June feature Nate still on the map

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