Golden Inspiration • Jowell Marcelo's 2004 Honda Inspire UC1

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Good talents die hard, persistence dies harder, and denial is just not an option! Some features never seem to have the right chemical mix to see the light of day, but once you remove those awkward chemicals that were add-ons to begin with everything seems to flow as rapid in the wild. Thanks to Colin Kagel, a true GRIPset Die Hard, this feature makes it to the forefront. So much GRATIS goes out to all of you repn' and providing hard work to keep GS "onward and upward!"

The big payback!!!! Some enthusiasts will never have a clue. Some will. That's ok, it makes this car even more rare to see, and even more special because it's done ohhhhh so right! You may have a faint idea of what your looking at if your well versed in cars, or you if you've had a peckish affinity for accords. If none of those ring home that's fine. Best said, this car is swaggggin on a milli, I can't even believe I just used that expression, LOL but it is! It's vicious, and remarkably crafted. The efforts to source these parts are no ordinary walk in the park. It's literally 10K in overnight parts from Japan...hehehe. This is the closest you'll get to a Japanese Inspire w/out ever going to Japan. Still don't see the beauty? It's ok. Wasn't meant for you to see. Basically the 7th Gen Accord is undoubtedly one of Hondas most brilliantly, slept on, re-designed cars of 2003-2007. It's a boat by appearance with the maneuverability of go kart. The chassis & handling are something God sent. The Inspire bits from overseas simply ice the cake, making the front end bold, aggressive, but so strikingly clean it's as if it's been kissed by an angel. Not kissed by Angel, your next door neighbor; Kissed by an actual Angel! Wings, halo, feathers, white linen; you know omnipotent presence type stuff. So enjoy this weeks beauty in the details as Jowell's hardwork pays it forward.

I bought the car in October of 2006 w/ the intentions of trading it in after a year or two. My cousin Carlo from SanFo who is also in the car scene introduced me to The forum opened my eyes to the accords potential, sadly gen7accord is no more. I started w/ OEM front lip, lowering springs and 18 inch wheels. As I went to car meets, shows and I joined more forums, I got more inspiration. The car had made a lot of transformation, but I wasn't really happy with it yet.

Then I went on international forums, the internet was my highway. I found all sorts of Asian accords, accords from Thailand, Philippines, China and then the JDM Honda Inspire. It took me 7 years to get me to where I'm at right now. The car is far from done, but like always I'm taking things slow. I never thought I'd do an inspire conversion to be honest. It wasn't until i got to hang out w/ ADI (fellow member on v6performance) and the parts started showed up, that I realized it was doable with my kind of budget. As far as the install, I did everything myself besides the paint, re-barreling the wheels and welding the exhaust. I was able to transform my simple Accord into an Inspire with the use of Harbor Freight tools in my little one car garage.

Interior Modifications

OEM Steering Wheel Wrapped in Leather w/ Wood Trim • OEM Wood Trim Kit • OEM Complete Leather Seat Swap • OEM Leather Center Arm Rest Swap  • Custom Air Suspension Gauge Pod • Belkin Phone Cup Holder for Elevel Controller • Full interior LED • VIP front table by VIP DESIGNS • VIP Bellezza TAN Curtains • VIP Junction Produce white Fusa

Exterior Modifications

MODULO Front Lip • MODULO Rear Lip • OEM Window Visor • INSPIRE Decklid Spoiler w/ Camera • INSPIRE Front Bumper • INSPIRE Grill • INSPIRE Hood • INSPIRE Headlights • INSPIRE Fog Lamps w/ OEM Fog Harnes • INSPIRE Tail Lights • OEM Hybrid Side Mirrors

Suspension Modifications

WORK VS-XX High Polished Rims w/ Bronze Bolts. • 18x10 +26+21 • Hankook V12 215/40-18 • Ingalls Rear Camber Kit • Wicked Rear Camber Kit • Front and Rear TL Sway Bars • Front EBC Green Stuff Brake Pads • Rear Fenders Rolled and Pulled Front Fenders DIY Rolled and Pulled.


Airforce Suspension Systems Struts and Bags • ACCUAIR VU4 • ACCUAIR Elevel Management System • ACCUAIR eXo Mount • ACCUAIR 5 Gallon Aluminum Tank • Dual ViAIR 380c Compressors


TSX IM • Neuspeed Strut Bar • K&N Typhoon • SRIOEM V6 Polished dual exhaust system w/ 4 inch stainless steel exhaust tips

Matsush!ta ballast • Morimoto 5000K D2S bulbs • Nokya Hyper White H11 bulbs fogs

I just got some rare modulo side skirts from Japan. Vinyl wrap it a different color. I recently installed some VIP tan curtains, custom woodgrain VIP table, and added a white fusa. Nothing else really at
the top of my head. Just take it day by day.

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