Blue Dreams • Brian Mendoza's E36 M3

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It's not a lonely road traveled, it's just a long one. With raw talent and success being built on the backs of men, Ivan Asuzano, another shinning light in "Cali," makes his presence known with his latest Gripset feature. As a part of the GS fam he certainly brings a classy classic feel to the table, we are blessed to have him.

Better late than never is what's most important. Please excuse the short hiatus. We know it nearly feels 10 days shy of forever. The good news is, that surely puts things into perspective with the higher ups. Thanks for still supporting us through it all. On a good note we are back in the seat ready to get things back up to speed, Hopefully this Beemer, is our redeemer, for lost time that is! Sitting low on a set of gold BBS, this M3 was plucked right from the bay area. Built in under one short year it's a testament to hardwork, paying your dues, and then reaping the handsome reward. Keeping a Legit E36 M3 sedan on the road looking dapper is harder than it seems, especially this low. If your not aware of the e36 M3 it's because it may have not caught as much hype as the E30 3-series wide-bodied coupe of the 80's, nor as much as it's predecessor the notorious E46 M3. Still just as rare with some 8,000 estimated US units sold, preserving the performance built classic is of equal importance. Boasting loads of innovative luxuries this chassis ranked high in quality and superior handling in the 90's. Only by a stroke of Brian's passion we are able to bring you another vicious entry of motorsports finest preserved. 

It all started in the summer of 2009 before entering my senior year of high school. I began searching for my first car, like many car lovers, I was looking for the perfect companion to begin my journey with. I wanted something that was quick and handled well but also looked good. I looked at several BMW’s until I found the one , a 1996 Alpine white M3 coupe in great condition. With the help of the internet I began reading forums learning more and more about the M3. The stance scene always caught my eye, I love the look of  a car lowered on a clean set of wheels. It didn’t take long till I  began modding my car starting with coil over suspension, intake, chip and finally a set of wheels. After two years of owning and modding I was content with the state of my car, until one day it all ended suddenly. I was driving a couple blocks away from my house when I was side swiped on the drivers side totaling my car. I stood there in complete sadness, all the work and effort I had put in was destroyed in the blink of an eye, but more importantly I stood there in shock that I was able to walk away from this accident alive.  After waiting a couple months for the insurance money I was able to find another E36 M3, only this time it had an extra set of doors.

 After buying my next M3 I had a difficult time starting my next build. The idea that I could not replace or top my last car circulated my mind daily. In the first 4 months I posted it on Craigslist twice, the second time I almost traded it for a S14 240sx. Thankfully a bunch of my buddies talked me out of selling my car, that is when I decided if I was going to begin this build I needed to take it to the next level. I changed some of the aftermarket parts back to OEM trying to keep it simple and clean. I went with Broadway Static suspension to keep me grounded along with a set of BBS RF wheels powder coated gold with polished lips. For now I am happy with the current state of my car, but I have only scratched the surface and have bigger plans!

 Fan Clutch delete, Spal electric fan conversion,  UUC Short shifter, UUC System U Rep exhaust


 Light Up M shifter, Dove Sport leather seats


 Broadway Static Coilovers, Swift Spings, Rouge Engineering Adjustable Rear control arms,  X brace


OEM amber tails & corner lights, Apexcone glass headlights with blacked housing, E36 rear trunk lip spoiler, custom Estoril blue paint


BBS RF 17x8.5 ET13 17x9 ET9 powder coated Pure Gold w/ metallic flake finish, polished bolts and polished lips, black and gold BBS caps. Wrapped in 205/40 & 215/40 Kuhmo ECSTA

Later down the road id like an drop an AA supercharger and Schrick Cams, SuperSprint Exhaust. along with a full cage and Sparco seats I want to make it an all out road warrior and drive it hard like it was designed to.

Id like to thank all my friends who have helped me along the way. Also big thanks to GripSet for the opportunity of being featured!

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