Wrong Fitment Fest Meet • Event Coverage

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Shout out to our Gripset Collab. Benjamin Garcia for covering this meet for us. As our crew wishes to be in attendance at all the meets, we know sometimes that's impossible.... but its awesome to know we got our collabs. that have our back.

Thanks to our co.founder Sharon who got in touch with Benjamin, a ray of talent, always on the hunt. It is our privilege to be honored when guys step up to bat for us. The two of them made this meet coverage happen! Wrong Fitment Fest was hosted and created by the "wrong fitment crew." If your from Cali you might already heard about them, and if your more than into fitment we are sure you have. They are a group of guys who shared the same outlook on the same lifestyle.....they don't car about what anyone else says or if their fitment is hated on. Starting like most movements of just passion and purity, of what it meant to them it's appeal captured the attention of many. Growing bigger as time lapses social media like Instagram, Facebook, and their own website give them the well deserved exposure. Hence, WFC Fest. They hosted this small meet on Sunday, Sept. 1 2013, which was this past Sunday from 11am till 3pm.

For future fitment meet info. follow them on 
instagram: @wrongfitmentcrew / www.wrongfitmentcrew.com

Coverage by Benjamin Garcia
 Collab. Photographer.

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