WEKEAST • Event Coverage

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Shout out to another one of our newest additions to the family repping Gripset from New Jersey, Morice Colon, who is ready and excited to bring the best coverage and features to us for you all. 

WekEast is basically "wekfest," an automotive show one of the biggest know in the west & east coast. Known for the exceptional quality and high rate of turnout "wekfest" has embarked on a global tour. Hitting the hottest cars out on the EC, Gripset was just glad we had someone there to cover it, as we try our best not to miss any shows or meets. In the end, WekEast is basically WekFest,  just a show done in the east coast this year to give the East Coast some of that hunger they been craving for Wekfest. East Coast is the Beast Coast they said? Take a look for yourself. Amazing turn out and amazing builts that's all it matters. Enjoy.

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Coverage by Morice Colon
  Gripset Photographer.

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