Thinking Outside the Box • Todd Nakanishi's Scion xB

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Shout out to our Gripset Photographer who never forgets about us Jon Tran; even though he's a busy man with a busy life like many of us all are. He surely puts his best feet forward getting features done. A man without hesitation and reps for the 'set. Thanks JT for your support and dedication fam!

Killin it in "dapper" fashion you may never see another xB like this.......Remarkable is to say the least. If you've ever passed this car ( box we should say ) by you may be filled with various emotions and thoughts, and may overlook it altogether. However, with on deep breath, and a step back, remove all of the feelings and stare at it for a moment longer and you'll visualize how tailored this whip actually is. You can nearly point out all aspects of it's inspiration, but, without this platform before you we guarantee it could never be duplicated, only replicated. It was all in the details that drove us crazy over this mint paint, it screamed California dreamin'.  Low, classy, and loudly attractive; this box is merely an art show on wheels! Whether this is the first or last we see of him and his Scion xB watching his masterpiece flourish must be a victorious feeling for Todd, as well as the xb/scion community. Pushing the envelopes always ups the ante, guys like this and rides like that, keeps the inspiration and passion alive and growing.

Just a quick end note, to all our Gripset fam, friends, features thanks for believing and sticking with us because features like this would not happen without all of you.

"I got into modifying cars purely by curiosity. I was with my friends in downtown LA and I saw a modified xB driving by and thought to myself that is really cool. I didn't know you could modify my car like that at the time haha. I never paid much attention to cars and growing up in South Orange County by the beach cities there weren't and still aren't that many modified cars. So I joined the xB forums and met some people and saw lots of builds. Around February 2010 I started out with the usual cookie cutter parts that most everyone had with my student budget. I then transferred to Northern California for school as an art student and paused my build briefly while attending school. I met a group of friends that are into cars and from those friends I met my buddy Drew, he was a student at an AutoBody school in San Francisco. He asked if I wanted work done, that's when I took a moment and told him everything I wanted to do. After a semester I had my car back with bodywork and the famous mint green paint you see today."

"I chose mint green because its my favorite color and I loved old school velodrome track bikes and their wild colors. I sourced wheels from yahoo auctions for surprisingly less than a set of knockoff wheels. At this time I just had seat covers and bolt on pieces. After a year of school I studied interior design and architecture on the side and became inspired by different styles. My family has a friend, of over 30 years who reupholstered our furniture. One day I asked if he could reupholster my car since I grew tired of seat covers and I wanted to step away from the norm, of everyone using seat covers. He agreed and we agreed on design and color and materials. Saddle brown was the choice to neutralize the mint green and again inspired by the saddles of old track bikes. I'm pretty handy with the dremel so I cut my own wood dash panels, inspired by old skylines and European classic cars. With design in mind, the neutral wood and wood grain steering wheel with brown interior flowed naturally, perfectly contrasting the mint green. Once I reached this tranquility, I finally enjoyed the overall togetherness of the build."

Porsche 911 964 Mint Green Paintwork | TopLine Japan v1 Lip Kit
Full shaved Toyota zenki front bumper with molded lip with recessed 2010 Toyota Venza fog lights
Shaved Toyota zenki rear bumper with molded rear lip | Shaved Toyota zenki rear hatch
W-Blood Japan rear hatch wing | OEM Toyota zenki Clear Glass
OEM Toyota zenki chrome window trim | OEM Toyota zenki headlights 
Shaved and flared front fenders | Shaved hood | Side mirror delete
Esam Japan window visors | Angel Eye LED tail lights matte red finish
Jack Allure NA front grill | OEM Toyota Corolla Wagon Luggage rack
Mooneyes Japan Bullet fender mirrors | Replica Porsche 356 front bonnet straps

Custom upholstered Scion seat with headrest delete and added memory foam
Custom upholstered Scion full door panels with lock and switch delete
Custom woodgrain driver delete panel trim
Nardi woodgrain steering wheel with Porsche emblem horn 
Splash Japan steering hub adapter
Kenwood 7" touch double din | Kenwood Audio speakers
Custom passenger drink table | Upholstered Scion back speedo bezel
Scion Shoppe black gauge face
OEM Toyota kouki illuminated center console with custom woodgrain storage compartment
Custom woodgrain wood floor panel trim | Zeta Japan leather storage arm rest
Upholstered shaved upper panels/headliner | Custom woodgrain rear false floor 

Airlift front struts
Slam Specialties RE5 rear bags with custom swivel mounts
Custom graffiti Firestone five gallon skinny tank with Parker Industrial brass fittings
Dual viair 380c compressors | Manual switches
Customized -5 front camber control arms | RealCamber -6 rear camber shims
Cusco Japan front sway bar | Cusco Japan rear sway bar
Tokiko Japan adjustable rear shocks

Wheels and Brakes
VIP Modular VRS 12 wheel set | 18" Step lip 9.5j front 10j rear
Custom saddle brown hardware | Achilles Radial tires
Wilwood Japan Front/Rear 4 pot big brake kits | -drilled and slotted 12" rotors

Unorthodox Racing light weight pulley | AC delete
Gates OEM Toyota Echo short belt | American Car Craft polished panels  Custom graffiti valve cover

"Oddly, the day after I shot with Jon Tran I attended Cars and Coffee Irvine and parked in spectator parking garage. I came back to my car to go home and saw someone had clipped my front end really bad. I'm still waiting for the claims adjuster but my future for the build really took a huge turn and I just have to see what comes out of it. Certainly not the end of the build now."

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