Step Brothers • Jesse Uribe 's G37 & Francisco Rosales 's 350z

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S/O to the 'sets Mark Anthony, always working hard. Balancing out his many career paths and still shootn' up the scene. I don't have enough short words to explain this whole feature, but let's just say it was a long process. This single shoot became a 2-in-1. With his adaptability and poise he took the challenge and executed it marvelously.


"Pull up to the scene with my ceiling missing,
Middle finger up to my competition,
I'm different, yeah I'm different.
I'm in a 'vert and my ceiling missing!!

So this shoot was originally supposed to gown highlighting this "different" 350z. What do you mean? It's a convertible ( AKA Vert ), That's what we mean. You definitely don't see too many of those modded period. However, on a private shoot turned sensational, the 'vert arrived with company. Trailing him to location was Nissan's step brother, the Infiniti, a cleanly modded G37. Again, this was a private/personal shoot, but we liked the dynamic duo so much, we had to make this a double up feature - Some Yin & Yang, Ebony & Ivory type feature. These two cars represent a lot of us on our life's journey and changes, while coping with growth. It expresses our love for the lifestyle in different forms and styles. Fitting one need to the other. It shows we can grow up, and not let society force us into growing out. It took a long time to get here, but finally it's here for you all to enjoy. Thanks to all our staff, and both featured car owners for patience and diligent work. We can't stress how important here teamwork is, no one's perfect, but when we all work as one..................IT'S BEAUTIFUL!

 "Behind all this build was just pleasing myself. There was a lot of people/haters saying don't do it, it's ugly (It's a girl car). Soooooooo what, look at me now, I say. I wanted to build a slammed 'vert because you don't see a lot if any in socal; let alone any being modded. I still get a lot of grief  about the setup, such as "oh, it's on reps?" SOOO WHAT IT'S MY BUILD LIVE WITH IT......."'

Nismo Style Front Fascia add-on Nismo Authentic Sideskirts 06+ Headlights Amber Sidemarkers

Megan Racing Y-Pipe Custom Mid Pipe

VARRSTOEN LM 19X9.5+12 w/15MM Spacer Effectively -3  225/35/19
19X11+15 w/ 15MM Spacers Effectively +0 245/35/19
Function Form Type 2 Coilovers ICHIBA Rear Camber Kit

"I would love to Thank Gripset for giving me this chance. Also Thanks to 88Rotors, FittedTho, Joel Webster and Varrstoen Wheels"

"I can't say there is a motivating force on this build. Just that I was inspired with my new found family sedan. In reality my family was growing, and we were in need of a bigger car. Like any other responsible man, I ditched a g35 coupe and purchased this thing. The mod bug would eventually bite, while looking for ways to make it cleaner, and add some style to it. Going as far as I have was just the beginning."

OEM Sport Front Lip OEM Limited Black Grill OEM Visors

Megan Racing prototype Exh.

Wheels Tires
VMR 710 19X10+22 All Around 235/35/19

LED Lights

JIC Magic Coilovers

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