Simplicity Perfected • TJ Bowman's EK Hatch

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S/O to Gripset new comer Logan Wilson. He's a recent addition to the family, but this videographer & Photographer is a beast! He's got talent, he's got skills, he's got a bright future! We appreciate all our supporters and crew, as the talents they bring to the table make us who we are.  A family out to crush it!!!

Guided by no boundaries, no stereotypes Gripset will take you there. We want you to build those street whips! WE ARE COMING! We want you to slide that ride! WE ARE COMING! We want you to bag it, wrap it, restore it, customize it...............WE ARE COMING! Bringing a small taste of fame to every feature we strive to honor our community and followers. With hopes of bringing you the best content of auto events, full blown drag cars, custom cars, trendy cars or some grass roots motorsports stuff we are always on the grind looking for you. This week we turn it up, and tone it down with an onslaught of videos. Using Americas Honda sweetheart; The EK, by TJ Bowman, graces our pages in a sick vid feature! If you want this to be you, next time you see a GRIPSET CREW MEMBER, don't be shy introduce yourself, who knows you just might be the next feature.


 "I love cars and everything about them. I had a JDM front Integra that was a p.o.s and wanted to build something that I've always wanted and something that would turn heads everywhere I Went. So, I sold the Teg. and scoop this EK hatch shell up that was completely stripped and everything thrown into the car. I didn't know what I was getting myself into at the time and thought it was gonna be easy and I was gonna have it done within a couple months. I was wrong. I had no idea where to start and hardly knew what I was doing. So my little brother (Nick Bowman) did most of the work haha. Put a 99-00 front end on it and We got it ready for paint. Once it got back i Finally decided what I really wanted to do to it."

"Went with a b20vtec swap, stock bottom end with a JDM b16 head with full type r internals port and polish and 3angle valve job, type r intake mani and header gsr transmission with stage 2 exeddy clutch. Once that was done we started tucking the engine bay, with chasebays tucked mil-spec harness, break line tuck, fuel line tuck, steel braided clutch line. Relocated the battery to the trunk and fuse box under the dash that I had my buddy (Ben Jernigan) do for me."

"Then moved tothe interior, we did a full 99-00 swap, from the dash to the doors all the way down to the floor harness. Had to get the ctr steering wheels and cluster. Went to nova an bought a set of fresh red jdm recaros, wrapped the headliner,door panels in red suede as well as the sun visors and put in some jdm type r integra rear seats. Picked up a set of bbs rm wheels from a buddy. 8.5 in the front with 2" lips and 9" in the rear with 3" lips. Of course they didn't fit perfect in the rear so I got camber kits to make them sit the way I wanted them too. Got a brand new so front lip some ctr power folding mirrors and ctr rep rear lip had it all painted and also installed it in the car."

"I don't really have anything else planned for my car except get red carpet and stock rear seats wrapped in the red Recaro suede and mesh centers to match the front seats."

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