IMPORTEXPO • Video Coverage

1:07:00 PM GRIPSET Co. Founder 0 Comments

Shout out to our Gripset Collab; Luis Herrera, for helping us out giving you a little bit more then just a set of photos and live coverage........he delivered all that and iced the cake with a video.

Be sure to expect a Photo coverage by our gripset photographer Morice Colon, stay tuned this is not over yet! Our Gripset Co-founder Sharon, who diligently works with our photogs and collabs to get you all the best and most coverage out!

The foreground for this event held on Sept. 14, 2013 was Atlantic City Convention Center in New Jersey. Import Expo could only spell success. This prestigious structure would be the accolade to mark all attendees with honor and exposure. Laying graciously next to a body of water and surrounding hotels, clearly made  this a don't miss event / getaway / oasis. Bringing some of the dopest rides in a collab event from ca, ( Canada, Capitol CA is California ya dummies! ) to the east coast, where they'd get their shine on in unison with no exception as to what you brought - as long as you brought the best!

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