Edition 38 • Event Coverage

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Welcome goes out to our newest addition into the Gripset familia, this our SECOND NEIL, REP'N UK. S/O Neil Kates. Both Neil Kates and  Neil Sterry were able to team up and provide some sick coverage together! While N. Kates was behind the camera N. Sterry was providing live coverage for our IG feed. Team work is what it's all about. 

Edition 38 "Show & Shine," in it's 10th year, kicked off AUG 31st 2013 with another gathering. With three event days listed on the flyer, it was a premonition - more of a promise of things to come. One day would just not have sufficed. E38; for a weekend in time would become one of the largest events in todays growing VAG community for the community. The show and shine was all about the quality. The mindset?....prepare to be judged. The true fun would follow as days worn down and the skylights got a bit  dimmer setting the perfect tone for a social rejuvenation quarantine. WHAT!? We don't know...Some long winded way to express and speculate some an after party may have took place. Once thing for certain that left, or right, by your side was some serious neck breaking whips. 

to keep up with this great cast of ppl. 

Coverage by Neil Kates
  Gripset Photographer.

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