Black Fire • Andre Torres's Nissan 240sx

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Shout out to our VA photographer Logan Wilson, killing it once more with this photo shoot. He's the latest addition to our team but certainly is out to stake his claim in the world of publication beasts!

Change gon' come. Thanks to the long arms of the Gripset Fam/Crew we mustered up something different for you all. Not uncommon, just something different and refreshing! Making it's debut in 88' as the 89' 240sx, some 68K units hit North America. RWD in design, powered by an inline mounted 4cyl engine it would boast two configurations; an N/A 1.8L or the N/A 2.4L engine. What made these cars popular amongst a few other things would be the potential of importing it's japanese powerplant. The turbocharged 2.0L sr20det. Making that daily commute just a bit faster. The Nissan 240sx would later be referenced by distinct chassis codes by the import culture. The one featured today, built by Mr.Torres is the S13 ( A.K.A 180sx AKA Silvia ).  Based on the Japanese "Nissan S Platform," the generations of Nissans 240s would later become iconic in a revolutionary past time called Drifting. With ride submissions piling up and photogs shootin up the world, sifting through who's next, and what's next can be a dreadful task. But not a soul can deny the sickness of this 240 ( even if you do, we don't care, HATER! lol just playin, don't cry ). Silky smooth drizzled in gloss black paint, trimmed with a taunting license plate, and fmic surely creates a bold inquiry, and at bare minimum a conversation piece............

"It all began in 2000 when I got my first car which was a hand me down 94 Toyota corolla. It wasn't much to look at but hey I did what every other cool high school kids did which was buy some rims and cut the springs just so I can be down with the cool guys, only everyone else had Honda's. A few  years went by and I decided that an intake, headers, and some no name exhaust wasn't enough to keep up with the Honda boys so I traded my car in for 94 Integra sedan. It was probably the wisest choice for me at that time because of all the part selections for it and then the whole Vtec craze got in the way, "Vtec this and Vtec that."  I joined Navy and got away from the car scene for a short while and ended up picking up a 2001 Integra GSR, which ended up totaled after an accident back in 2006. I needed  another  transportation quickly so I can travel to and from work. I wanted another Honda but after dealing with police harassment and kids revving  and showing off, I decided to stay away from a Honda platform and that's when I came across  a 92 240sx which had some coils and a sr20 swap. After purchasing the 240, I started modifying it with the insurance money I had received from the Integra. Next thing you know I was pay to pay check with new parts. I started getting out of hand and my wife started limiting my spending. I agreed with her and stopped for a short while."

"I started getting bored with my car and decided to finally sell her but my wife wouldn't let me get rid of her because she knew how much time and money I had put into building her. By then, I met a few guys from team Sumospeed, Stephen, James and Nick complimenting me on how clean and nice my car looked. Motivation started to build back up and met a few more members who shared the same hobby and interest in the s chassis platform. These guys lead me to the right direction as far as stance and power for my car. After going thru different body kits, rims, coilovers, turbos etc. I decided to just keep it simple with a factory Type X aero, Work XD9's, Full engine Build, Fortune Coilovers, and a Garrett GT3071r to finish her off."

SR20DET (red top) | Nismo mounts |  BC 264 cams 
CP pistons | Eagle rods |  ACL bearings |  Cosmetic head gasket
Splitfire coil packs | Blitz LM air intake | Blitz blow off valve |  Blitz front mount inter cooler kit
Blitz down pipe | Greddy pulleys | Cusco oil catch can | Samco radiator hose
Nismo FPR | CX racing radiator | Radiator cooling pane |  Apexi Radiator cap
FAL fan | Megan turbo manifold | Megan test pipe | Isis 3" blast pipes
Garrett GT3071r turbo | 300zx fuel filter | AEM ems | AEM boost solenoid | AEM wide band.

Spec stage 3 clutch | ACT flywheel | Driveshaft shop one piece driveshaft | S13 VLSD.

Fortune Auto 500 series coilovers | Ichiba 5 lug conversion | Touge factory 50mm wheel studs
Circuit sports tension rods | GSP gen2 (traction rods, control arms, toe arms)
Suspension techniques front & rear sway bars | Energy Suspension subframe bushings
Circuit sports front strut bar | Tanabe rear strut bar | C-pillar bar.

Wheels/ tires
18x10 Work emotion XD9 | Falken 512 (225-40-18) | 15mm front spacer & 20mm rear spacers
front Evo Brembo brake conversion | Z32 Brake master cylinder.

JDM 180sx type x front bumper | lip and rear valences | S13 side skirts | Kouki tail lights
Type X carbon garnish cover | JDM window visors | Megan racing carbon fiber roof spoiler.

Nardi deep corn steering wheel | pioneer head unit | Autometer cobalt boost guage
Bride zeta II seats | Bride FG seat rails | Crowe 4pt harness | NRG harness bar
pivot headlight controller | Nismo shift knob | Blitz turbo timer | Apexi rev speed meter.

"I am safe to say that I am finally done with this build...Well, almost done. A first molding rear diffuser is on the works along with some custom side extension splitters, front tubs from REspec garage, and then maybe it will be done but for now I'm just enjoying the ride and my wife who is now very understanding as to why we do what we do."

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