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WekFest - San Jose, CA

Huge Thanks goes to another one of our newest members in this Gripset Familia, Ivan Asuzano for making this coverage happen for Gripset. 

Saturday July 27th., from 1-6pm in San Jose, CA; WEKFEST Celebrated it's 5th Year Anniversary. A anniversary of bold presence, contributing largely to car culture and the automotive society. Across the globe you can catch WekFest events, but on this day, and this time, the San Jose Convention Center was the place to be. Catering to 300+ cars, and gathering the games best whips "the mid-summer classic" show, was one worth traveling to!

Be sure to catch the rest of the 2013 USA tour in your city while there's still time, for more go to: 


Coverage by Ivan Asuzano
Gripset Photographer.

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