Supreme Sunday • Event Coverage

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Shout out to our gripset crew killing it in VA. Rodney Waller for making this coverage happen. Roderick Patterson for killing it after the event with a feature that will be soon live on the site so stay tuned for that! Lastly, our Gripset Co.founder Sharon B. for always supporting and making the Instagram live feed possible. There's no I in team, here at Gripset we are all a cohesive team; we work together to make sure you all enjoy. 

Supreme Sunday was held Sunday Aug. 4th in Frederiskburg Virginia. 

Some of you may or may not know how this event got created but it all started as, the Secret Spot meet. We covered this event Last year (SSM EVENT COVERAGE). The reason why they started and named it "secret spot meet" was obvious, to prevent those unwanted individuals who show up / and or exit in a flamboyant fashion. Yes those who come to cause a ruckus and kill the meet. As the year passed a few other secret spot meets where hosted by and thanks too Chris Parker & Co. However, this year was totally different, Chris P. decided it was time for a change for something new as the meets were growing more & more, gaining the attention from all over Virginia. Chris P. would later reach out to our Co.Founder Sharon B. to share some of these new changes and presented a lucrative opportunity for the 'set and how Gripset can help support this meet, with dreams to become even bigger. Chris asked Gripset if we could be a part of this event and without hesitation we accepted OUR 1ST TRUE AFFILIATION!!!

 We want to remind everyone that Gripset is here to support the real deal, the real enthusiasts, no matter how big a show or how small. We are here for all of you! We love to support and that's exactly what went down on glorious Sunday, August 4th. Lastly we would like to thank Chris Parker for having us in mind & for the warm welcome we received from him & the rest of the attendees. We hope to work with Chris in the future as this meet is becoming a big thing in the Fredericksburg area.

Coverage by Rodney Waller
Gripset Photographer.

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