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S/O to John Sediego for covering this event and making it happen. With a great eye for design, and photography, John GRIPSETS SD photog put in some long hours, and OT to get these pics out ASAP.

5&ADIME presented  this years event;  Motor Union aka Motor Union 4, in San Diego , CA. This event was hosted on the grounds of the "Green Flash Brewing Co." on Sunday August 18th 2013. If you missed out, or did not make it, all we can say is sorry, it was gooood!  For future reference remember to watch out for the next event and be sure to attend, there will be a link below for your convenience to gather some more info. and location of the next event. Motor union as it implies, simply "a union of various motorists." The best whips from just about every car manufacturer were present and accounted for. The blend of Static rides, air rides, custom interiors, custom exteriors and plenty of foot soldiers keeping their eyes on things; made this a  refreshing sight to see. With the proper dynamics in place CARS, WOMEN, BEER this event gave off the most tranquil vibes in the nation.

 Cliff note: The day had also passed by with only one pressing drawback...........the brewery was spotted too late and the huge line for in-house refreshments was unpleasant. LOL!

Coverage by John Sediego
Gripset Photographer.

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