Money well Spent • Michael Jacobazzi's Lexus IS250

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S/O to our photographer Vitor Machado for bringing us this feature he found himself. Vitor is  representing Gripset hardcore down in the sunshine state, of FL.

Simply stunning. All to often we see builds that loose shape and pizzazz going to big, to bold, all at once. There's always so many influences that can catch an eye but yet some ignore the time an place; many ignore the proper setting for these mods too. Officially getting that one off look sometimes takes venturing out; although it's nothing insanely new that we haven't seen before, taking a matte wrap to a luxury sports sedan was quite the perfect match for something so scarce in FL. Clearly, that would literally become the "brightest" idea yet! Dark tinted windows against the lagoon metallic and machined finished wheels would give this car all the contrasts it would need to turn heads. Sleek in appearance maintaining the right stance for any country roadway, would not only make this ride a dream come true for it's owner, but a heart breaker for those who've got lost in the struggle!  It's not more mild, or wild that get's you noticed, it's all in your presentation. You see anything well done, is well done, by any standard! With that said we hope you enjoy this weeks feature of M.J's Lexus IS.


"It all started the day I saw a picture of a Lexus is250 on Vossen wheels. The Vossen company always blew my mind with the work they do on all the cars they feature. My goal was to some day have a car that stunned and caught the eyes of many people. So I looked for a car. The car I was in search of had to have a manual transmission and had to have a luxury look. I went to the local Lexus dealer and found the car I have now. It was the only manual transmission IS250 I could find in Florida,Georgia, and Tennessee. I knew this was the car. The week I went home with it I was already itching to start working on it. The first thing I ever did was as small as a little trunk lip and it was all over from there. I spent long hard days at work just saving for my next part. The hardest thing I had to do was to achieve my goal of obtaining a set of silver polish Vossen cv7s. To accomplish this I had to sell my prized possession, my dirt bike. I knew it had to be done so within two weeks it was gone and that same day I saw a post on Instagram that someone was selling the wheels I wanted off of a Lexus for $1900 instead of the $3200 they cost new! I jumped right on it and it felt like a dream come true. Two days later they were installed and on the car and I couldn't be happier. But it wasn't over I had to go lower. I saved up again for Coilovers. Once I got them I lowered her down to the height I wanted and it looked gorgeous but that wasn't the final touch. I was looking for more because I wanted to be different from ALL the other cars out there. So I looked for a vinyl wrap that no one had and I found lagoon matte blue metallic. I had already been saving for it so I instantly called the sign savers to get it installed. The day I picked the car up  after the wrap was the day I finally felt complete........ I had met my goal and that I was going to drive away in my dream car."

Megan EZ street coilovers
Vossen cv7s

Greddy SP axel back exhaust

Lagoon matte blue metallic vinyl wrap.    

"It may be good for now but I plan on changing it up to another neck breaking look. The thing is that it is too soon to know what is going to come next. But for now this is my build and how it happened, and how I got the dream car I have now"

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