Making an Impression • Tyler Mayer's 2004 WRX Wago

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Tyler Mayer - 2004 Subaru WRX Wagon 

S/O to our canadian photographer Jason Manchester who's been putting in work for eons. Well maybe not he's, but you get the point. Journeying to WA once again, to shoot this car. Never failing to please, they both met up to bring you this weeks feature.

A car brand that can captivate many, not just by sound, or looks, or it's AWD spriit but car community. Ranked as a top performing car the Subaru WRX & STI have rained as some of the most sought after cars. Primarily coupes, hatchbacks, flooded the past as top choice for modding cars, but constantly on the go and with a desire for more room that thought as expanded. Once upon a time sedans/4drs where anything but cool to have. They were considered a family mans car. Wagons, well............the were not that popular, slept on for days! AWD performance helped change that over the years, along with our needs. Making the Wagon ONE OF A KIND. A car that not everyone has and makes that so UNIQUE to own. Not only did it had power but room for so much more. The cool things is the more and more they showed up on the scene, the more showed out! Catching a glimpse of this dopeness on a Monday morning could only mean one thing, GRIPSET SHOT IT!!! His first feature & won't be his last. So enjoy Tyler Mayers sled of majestic nature!

"I have loved Subarus ever sense I can remember, the look, the rumble, absolutely everything.  I am also an avid snowboarder, and since Subarus are all-wheel drive, they are the prefect car for me.  I started searching for my dream car and found a lady in Seattle who was selling her stock 2004 Subaru WRX Wagon with 55,000 miles and a clean title.  When I got the car, all I wanted to do was exhaust, wheels, and lowering springs.  I joined a couple Subaru forums and started going to every meet/show that I could.  I fell in love with the stance look with the bumper almost touching the ground and the tilted wheels almost touching the fender.  After the mod bug bit me, I made a long wish list of things that I wanted to do to my car.  I slowly started doing the things on my wish list.  I started with a cheap pair of coilovers and my stock wheels.  It was lower but didn’t have the look I wanted, so I ordered some wide wheels and different coilovers with a shorter body and a 14k/12k spring rate. This almost gave me the look I wanted, but it didn’t have as much camber as I wanted it to. After a year and a half of being on coilovers, I decided to switch over to bags because I didn’t want to keep dragging my exhaust over everything. I also spaced out my wheels to get the camber I wanted.  Now my car is how I imagined it – Perfectly Stanced."


Cobb Accessport (stage 2) | Cobb SF Intake | Invidia Uppipe
Invidia Downpipe | Invidia N1 Cat back- Fully catless

Ganador Mirrors | JDM Rain Guards | JDM Aero Guards
Blacked out & Cleared Headlights | JDM Fogs | STI Splitters
STI Hoodscoop | 06-07 STI Diffuser | Front Lip-Painted
HT Autos Bottom Line Rear Bumper Corners
Painted WRX Sideskirts | 20% Tint | Custom 'SOREXY" License Plate Delete
Roof-Rail Deletes | Rear Wiper Delete | Rally Armor UR mud flaps (winter)

2 BRIDE VIOS LOW MAX | Works Bell Short Hub
Nardi 350mm Steering Wheel | Red JDM Hazard Button
Bubble Shift Knob | C-Pillar Brace | Custom Bamboo Hardwood Trunk Setup

AutoPilot V2 | Airlift Performance Series Struts | Airlift Camber Plates
Dual 444c Compressors | EXO Mounting System
5 Gallon Tank Anodized Aluminum | 2 AVS Water Traps
1/4 Air Lines | StopTech Stage 2 Sport Brake Kit
Stainless Steel Lines | Slotted Rotors | Whiteline Lateral Links (Wagon)
Cusco Rear Lower Support Bar | Cusco Power Brace Front Member | H&R Camber Bolts

Work Emotion XD9 18x10+38 | Work RS Lug Nuts
Ichina 15mm Spacer in the Front | H&R 20mm Spacer in the Rear
Federal SS-595 215/40/18

"Future plans are a 3 piece wheels to pull the car all together. Maybe a full car respray or a color change. Hardlines for my bag set up.  Do some custom wrapping with the interior and retrofit the headlights… Its never ending!
I would like to thank all my friends and family for helping me build my dream car, especially my girlfriend for being my number one supporter and having my back no matter what. I would also like to thank Ben Kell for helping me with my installs, Complete Customs for all my tire stretching needs, and of course, Jason Manchester for the pictures."

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