Laid Out • Jared Pleasant's Honda Civic SI

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It ain't no fun, if the collab can't have none! Shout out to another Gripset Collab. Without hesitation and enthusiasm these images come to us via Brent Reynolds. Much love & Thanks for the support.

Cars are so low these days you'd imagine we live on desert salts, or some straight smooth pavement spanning the globe. With each trial and knowledge experienced shared in the car community it has sparked many opportunities for retailers and consumers, leading the path for more lower-me goods. Being low is nothing short of history repeating, except for the fact that now it can be done with comfort. Putting an 8th gen civic to rest on the ground is no easy task, J.P. and his SI are just simply a prime example of things; and a car "done right." The beautiful colorway of red and white really make the CCWs standout.  Giving this beauty it's 5 in the sun was our pleasure, and again Brent Reynolds made it happen for all of you!

"I caught the hobby of modifying cars back in 2011. I used to have a 2006 Honda civic, NOT an SI, and I hung out with some friends that had slammed civic Si's. I was always around them, and I was so inspired looking at their beautiful cars. That is when I decided that I needed to do some saving up, and look into buying a Si myself. I have always loved Hondas, so buying a Si was a very big deal for me. I bought it brand new with less than 20 miles on it. It wasn't long before I started the mods. 3 months went by and I bought some K-Sport Coilovers, and then came some wheels, lips, exhaust, etc. All my friends loved my car, and they were definitely a huge inspiration to keep on modding the car to make it better and better. Then later down the road, about a year later, I decided that I wanted to be slammed still, but still be able to drive my car comfortably. That’s when I bought my air suspension. Best decision I have made for my car. I also turned around and bought my new set of CCW's right after."

K20Z3 stock |  Skunk2 megapower R exhaust.

AccuAir E-level management w/ i-level
Dual Viair 400cc compressors | eXo Mount
Dorbritz Designs custom air struts and rear bags/brackets
AirLift Co. bags | Beaks bar | Skunk2 rear camber arms
Ingalls camber bolts | CCW LM5T 17x9.5 +22 3.5" lips
Gold ARP bolts | 215/35 Falken Tires | McGard Gold Lugs

09-11 HFP front lip | FD2 rear bumper
Seibon Carbon Fiber MG style rear diffuser | JDM red "H" emblems
FD2 tail lights | FD2 Window Visors
Seibon carbon fiber trunk (paint matched) | 3K fogs HID | 8K headlights HID

NRG Neo Chrome shift knob | OEM honda Navigation
Red "H" steering wheel emblem | SwitchSpeed Button for air suspension
Junction Produce Fusa/Tsuna

"My car is currently exactly the way i planned on having it look. I am very happy with how everything turned out and i think it may stay looking like this for a while, with no major changes coming soon."

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