Just Right • Eric Alexander's Volkswagen GTI

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S/O to Danny Tran our videographer putting work out of good 'ol Tennessee. Thanks for the support from everyone across the globe. It's our pleasure and honor to showcase cars, and staff talents to keep us all motivated and connected.

This is not the usual run of the mill feature, rather simplistic in nature. Nevertheless it express's the passion, the diversity, and imagination. There's no special reason why this feature is here. its not because is stanced, or a finished project, or shy of some bogus top of notch magazine cover. If you've ever taken the time out to read our "About Us" page........then we'll drop it here once more for ya in a summary!

We are not looking for the perfect car, aka the crem de la crem. We are looking for everything here-there and in-between; from beginner, intermediate and advance enthusiast rides. Things you'd normally see and overlook, or things you wouldn't double take otherwise. We want to bring the real deal, not just magazine features, not just homie cars, or friends of friends. We understand, there's absolutely nothing wrong with making it to the top. Everyone takes pleasure enjoying the limelight, but GRIPSET is here to be your open mind, to open your mind!!! Didn't follow? "GRIPSET is here to be your open mind, to open your mind!!!" If it's fame your after, and only want a feature to see a million likes on Instagram.....well you got bigger problems than we can't fix anyway. Our soul driver ( motivation ); the GRIPSET driving force - what keeps us tickin'; is our PASSION! We'll leave you with this, when those likes fade to yesterday, our passion will continue to burn for generations.

"When I first decided to buy the GTI I thought it was more of a family car to me, something nice and fast. Before this GTI, I had a 08 SS Cobalt Turbocharged and had it fixed up - it was track worthy but with having 2 kids you need backseats. I bought the GTI on Dec 31st, it felt good, it was my New Year car. I told all my friends that I was going to leave it stock add an APR and call it a day, but of course I couldn't fight the bug of "car mods." Within a week I had H&R lowering springs, by Feb my first set of wheels were on the way. A month had gone by since I bought the car, and I was able to get the apr. The apr would give it more power, nothing major.

 I took the GTI to meets and got some notice. My style was never rock the same wheels twice. At this same time I was not doing anything special, nothing new, so when I decided to order my FK street coil overs my friend asked if I wanted to buy some new wheels and I was up for it. What was cool about the whole thing was that the seller was in my area. Basically, where I stay you don’t see a lot of people trying to stance cars out and have that OMG fitment. For a GTI to rock Alphards it was a must. With stretch tires, coils low-down rubbing fenders I was happy. You know the VAG saying, "you not dubbing unless your rubbing." My car was static with 18x9.5 in rear sitting right above my wheel. I was content with where my car was but a true blessing came, when I got a new job at Wolfsburg; which is a German shop that works on VW and Audi, so with me being a tech and I knew these guys, it felt like home. 

Since I’ve been at Wolfsburg my car has gotten more power and a lot more mods and wheels. I’m 26 with toys and no matter how hard I try and fight I’m always shopping for something different. My girl I’ve been with for 7yrs knows my passion for cars so this yr. we plan on getting her a VW cc and of course I have to bag that and hopefully we can have a his and her VW garage going with our kids.  Overall, my motivation is simple; I grew up around cars, my dad had race cars and built them so I want to share the same "passion" with my kids. Most of all my son. I can see it already that this to is also his passion, hopefully I can pass it down to him the same as my father once did. This yr. the mk6 will be on accuair and the mk3 will be done by early next yr. The VW scene to me is so different because it’s really nothing new or different it’s about putting together a work of art you can take pride in. I tell anybody that has a VW to check out SOWO, the cars there will blow your mind but I am very thankful of my family and where I’m at in my life."

Color match side markers |badge less front grille w/ hood fill color match to car
front euro lip is wrapped to match seats | vw emblem on back is swap with a black one also with insets to match my seats
hid tag lights | yellow wrap fog lights,

3sdm 005 18x8.5 18x9.5 with fk street coil overs |stoptech crossed and drilled rotors
tires in front are dunlop direzza star spec 215/35/18 rear is kumho ecsta 215/40/18

standard TSI ko3 turbo APR stage 2+ with 3in eurojet downpipe
 APR carbino intake | forge motorsport blow off valve system | ngk plugs and wires
car color match engine cove with porsche oil cap and coolant cap

"Well the mk6 is to go air ride with 3 piece wheels CCW hopefully. 
In the mean time I have a Mk3 GTI 12v VR6 that is stanced but I’m changing it with new paint and wheels and my 79 300d Mercedes will be on air and laying frame.

I would like to thank you GRIPSET for this opportunity it’s a blessing."

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