Hard as FCK. • Greg Catalano's Subaru Impreza STi

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This weeks feature is courtesy of our Gripset Collab. Matt Lederman, 
Lending us some of his talents to secure the vision all the way from the Empire State. 

Stop and let it soak..............................aweeeeeeeee yeeeee you feel that? A slammed scooby! Low, clean, and on Rotiforms. Rotiform is one of those wheel companies that have took flight within the past few years, and have gained some serious momentum. Safe to say they've nearly exploded onto the scene catering to euros while capturing the hearts of all. They've been known for some of the best wheel styling. Super concavity is one of those. So let's do some quick math, 1 Subaru STI + 1 Set of Rotiforms = BEAST! Despite the hefty price tags associated with both items it's worth wild buying to set your independence. Being indifferent is the new trend simply because there is no shortage of slammed & stanced rides; better do it well if your going to do it at all. Some would claim euro wheels don't belong on import cars and vice versa, but the contrary proves otherwise. Mad love to all of you who wish to rewrite the script putting your best foot forward, mad love to Greg, for sharing this masterpiece with us!

"I have always loved cars since I started driving. To be honest it felt like subarus had been haunting me. I have always loved the sound of a boxer rumble and people around my area have always had them. I knew I would eventually have to get myself one but had no idea I would have built the car I have today. I first bought my STi for the same reason most others buy a STi. It’s an all wheel drive, turbo charged beast. I started seeing a bunch of other guys start slamming their Subarus and I really loved the look of a low, aggressive looking STi. So I ended up buying a set of BC BR coilovers and lowering it on my stock wheels while I was away at school. After scraping up my bumper, having trouble getting in and out of driveways, and realizing the roads here in New York are not low car friendly, I decided it was time to grab myself a bag setup. I had always loved a three piece wheel. Nothing says aggressive like a wheel with a big lip. Rotiform had a lot of quality and good looking wheels to choose from but I have always loved a mesh styled wheel. The SJC had everything I was looking for in a wheel, 3 piece, mesh styled, and aggressive. Rotiform and Bag Riders made it very easy for an eager fitment newbie to get going and start my fitment build. I have loved every minute of the modding process."

Blacktop aero vr type front lip | Bayson r chargespeed replica side skirts
20% window tint all around

Dual needle gauges for suspension | Proper Teal Bubble Shift Knob

Invidia Catless downpipe | Invidia N1 race catback
Perrin cold air intake | Grimmspeed electronic boost control solenoid
Accessport stage 2 protune

Rotiform SJC 18x10.5 | Yokahama S Drive 235/40/18
Project Kics R40 Open Ended Neo Chrome Lugs
Airlift front and rear struts | 5 gallon accuair tank
Dual 444c ViAir compressors | Front camber bolts
GTspec rear adjustable control arm | GTspec rear adjustable toe arm

"I have a lot of future plans. I have only had the car for about a year now and want to build it up. I always have ideas running through my head about what I want to do next but can never really be decisive. My exterior is pretty much done for now. If anything I would love to pick up a “doluck” trunk and maybe a vinyl wrap next year. If I had to pick I would definitely say more power next. I have always loved the sound of an external wastegate cracking. I will probably going along the lines of fuel pump, injectors, external wastegate, and headers in the near future. As for wheels, my rotiforms make me happy. They fit just the way I like and the look the car has is exactly what I wanted from the beginning. I loved working with Rotiform because they made it very easy on me. If I had to pick a next wheel right now, I would have to say Work S1 three piece. In the future I may do an interior wrap of some sort and definitely Bride Seats with Takata harnesses."

"I would like to give thanks to my buddies Sal and Mike for the countless times they’ve helped me with something on my car. I would also like to thanks Rotiform for making buying wheels painless and easy, Bag Riders for setting me up with a great suspension, and Intrack Tires for handling my wheels with care and giving me that perfect stretch."

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