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Extreme AutoFest - San Diego, CA

Where in the world was John Sediego? LOL! Doesn't matter, there's no family requirement. This is a family, once your in, your in for life. Family will always support family. So venture, spread your wings and fly fam, there is always a home, and room for you at Gripset. This Event coverage is brought to us by our longtime member who's been on hiatus, like us all finding the balance of life, the good news is, he's always down for the set!

Somewhere in Cali on some "redeye" tip, car gurus were getting busy in their garage, driveway, friends or long time mechanics shop. In this land of the sleepless, home to the never ending pillow toss, it's best to go hard leaving nothing to chance but a successful commute through the finish line ( entry gate ). Hoping to seize the captivation of an audience for the days event, final prep begins just past that point. Extreme Auto Fest, EAF for short, is the festival of car shows, so coming correct is a must. Encompassing live performances, drift exhibitons, topped of with various shades of eye candy under one roof.  Located in one of  Southern California's prime locations, the Qualcom Stadium, on July 27th from 3pm-10pm, would serves as home for the day welcoming EAF and it's crowd.

Coverage by John Sediego
Gripset Photographer.

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