East Coast Fitment Festival • Video Coverage

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Shout out to our Va photographer Logan Wilson, for traveling to North Carolina, to cover this event for us; Not only with images but with an amazing video that translate more of the story then photos. We are blessed to have so much talent!!!! Much love Logan. New to the family but putting in so muchhh work already. We love it.

SWD, short for StreetWise Drift, is a conglomerate of drifting talents and events, with some of the best pro-am drifters. This event was not focused on just drifting, but also welcomed the likes of all automotive culture. You were welcomed to get your show n shine on, hence the event title East Coast Fitment Festival. Signifying the unity of festivities to follow. The safest way to host both and give back to the community of supporters. On Saturday of Aug 17th, the gates would open at 10am, at the Charlotte motor speedway to make for a perfect day out.

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