DMPD 2013 • Event Coverage

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S/O to Neil Sterry for traveling from the UK to Holland to cover this event for us. He's simply a force to be reckoned with. So glad to have him and the many others down with the family. Rarely is the credit forwarded onto the photographer but without all of them, and you it would mean nothing.

DMPD/DUMPD show went down on Aug. 17th at the Enka Factory, Netherlands. That's right Netherlands. Driven by a strict set of rules, this event was surely for civilized. Put together in a classy fashion it was surely a call for the elite to attend. With dual locations for one show, one indoor and one outdoor pre-selection helped determined which knights would protect the castle. The turnout is too epic to fathom with just our feature alone, but stay a while, soak a bit, get your feet wet! Enjoy these images as they tell a tale of our glorious passion across the globe. It's just something breathtaking. The dopest thing to observe is that no one was standing by their cars but out and about mingling, how it should be....A Meet, layman terms "To meet." It's not to be caught modeling in front your car, stopping a photographer from getting a sick pic that you'd later try to hunt down in the event pics gallery. Word to the wise on how to interact for the next time. A: Quit being shy, get out there, introduce yourself, enriched our culture and your meet experiences. B: Quit the modeling, if you had talent I'm sure you would have been discovered years ago. :D

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Coverage by Neil Sterry
Gripset Photographer.

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