A Rare Diamond • James McCafferey's 1979 Mk1 VW Polo

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James McCafferey - 1979 Mk1 VW Polo

Shout out to our Uk gripset photographer Neil Sterry for always being on the hunt for features ........you better watch out if your in the uk he might just find you, and shoot you too! Thank you for the hard work as always,  bringing something refreshing to the table.

Marrrrrrrrrrco? Pooooooooolo! We've found one. A true classic! A legend, still ticking in the physical. Looking fresher than it ever did in factory form, this German auto with Italian design keys, just never looked better. Yeah; your right! Impressive, would be saying the least. When building something rare and unique it's always best to grab a fresh canvas. Something just as inspiring as the next car, but lacking all the abuse from missing empathy usually brought on by trends. Horribly modded cars run rampant this day and age, giving bad reputations to some of the greatest autos of our time. Almost makes total sense to choose a rarely done classic and restore what once was. I bet when many of us think of nostalgic cars, nothing close to this will ever cross our mind. However for James, it was instinctive. The sense of heritage, and modern updates bond so coherently it's just marvelous. This car seems so flawlessly kept, it's spot on, certainly the most ( wait for it, wait for it, )  ................CRACKIN MOTOR WE'VE SEEN ON GRIPSET! RIGHT? Indeed.

"I’ve always been a huge Polo fan, although being 6' 4'' the route of the Mk1 Polo was the direction I was heading. I had owned 2 before finding this shell, but this was the perfect base to transform and to put my touch inside and out.

I brought the car in March of 2010 and drove it to Worthersee the following month, after lowering it on coilovers - Resulting in being fined by the lovely Austrian Police. Once back in the Uk it was prepped for BugJam Show. Sadly on my way home the head gasket blew so it was time to come off the road for full restoration.  After fully rebuilding the car, it was back on the road June 2012 and now this car has more sets of wheels than I have shoes. I've enjoyed it non-stop for 13 months now, traveling the width and breadth of the UK for shows, as well as jumping on the EuroStar, Belgium for EuroSunday, France for VWDays and Holland for MIVW. There has been a few ups and downs with this car but but it makes me smile from ear to ear. It is my pride and joy and am enjoying every minute of it."

Full respray inside & out in Polar White
NOS chrome bumpers | Clear Rear Sreen

1.4 16v | Dellorto Twin 40's
4 branch manifold | Mangoletsi inlet manifold
Custom stainless exhaust | Camber adjustable top mounts | Smoothed Bay

Full Interior Retrim
Headrests deleted | Hessian Carpets
Mountney Woodern Steering wheel

13x7 & 13x7.5" 3 piece Formula Renualt Split wheels
155/45 Hankook Tyres | Custom FK coilovers
Mk3 Polo G40 Brakes | Smoothed petrol cap
Smoothed exhaust exit on rear valance

"I’m hoping to build my Sirocco over the winter. Also transform one or two things with the Polo to keep people on their toes. Expect more wheel changes, a possible color change and maybe even a turbo Diesel engine swap. It’s a never ending project
Keep your eyes peeled!!
Deryck, Dean & Latham at Kustom Kandy, Leon at Concept Poptops, Kev at Millturn CNC, Mark & Mike at M&M Polishing, Russ, Jim, Carl, Gary & Ben at Poole Tyres, Dani & Jamie at JLD customs, Andy Wilson & Mark Harding and all the guys & girls from LunchClub & TidyVAG"

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