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VAGabonds Unite - London, UK

I think we may have gave Neil Sterry the wrong nickname a few features back. From this day forward, he shall no longer be called "the butcher," He will be known as "THE AIR." Yes "the air," this guys is everywhere. HAHAHA. Without adieu Neil does it again and again and again ..... Impressive by any standard! We are blessed to have such a cast.


There's no need to be supercilious, we keep it humble here. We joke, and play, we taunt, we battle, all in good measure like real families do. We share a focus, a focus to bring you explicit automotive coverage you would never see otherwise.

This is the VERY FIRST EVER VAGabonds Unite meet. Hosted by VAGabond & Co. It was held to bring back the celebrations of the old. Family, friends, and a common interests. All ego, are to be left at home for this event. Rare few car communities experience a level of unity, such as the VAGS. Getting back to the essence of how it all began is how it should be. The popularity hasn't grown because the cars are the best, it's grown because of the support group, the family lifestyle, and purity it set forth. It's another union taking the car community in the direction in which we should grow. With such a good turnout expect to see some more event dates pop up from these guys!

But don't let us bore you, take a look for yourself - More material at:

Coverage by Neil Sterry
Gripset Photographer.

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