Stance Wars 2013 | Event Coverage

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Stance Wars - Seattle WA

S/O to the one and only Canadian Gripset photographer, Jason Manchester!!! Who BTW is killing it for Gripset in the upper states, yabish!!! Not only that but he travels from Canada down to WA and surrounding states regularly to provide some of the best coverage out there. It is amazing to have the support of every single crew member in this family. All they want to do is keep supporting Gripset in honor of our commumity. They pull it off time after time with poise and character.

Stance a make um' Dance

Stance a make um' Dance

Stance a make um' Dance

all the cars droppin 

tires like rubber bandz

Nothing like great fitment on a variety of automotive chassis's. Nothing like an event to display your bold setup of deformed rubber clinging to a shimmering aluminum alloy for dear life. No better place to soak it all in like Stancewars!
Stancewars 2013 tour kicked off it's second installment showcase on July 6th, 2013. Located in Seattle, WA. Their motto, "We invite wheel fitment nut jobs to showcase their amazing setups in a VIP style event." Pre-selecting 100 of the swiftest whips out there, paired with some notoriously recognized vendors would make sure this would be an event with great promise. Packed with eye candy to tempt the greatest angel, and snare the heart of the baddest demon.

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Coverage by Jason Manchester
Gripset Photographer.

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