London's Calling • Darren Butterworth's 01 VW Beetle

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Darren Butterworth - 2001 VW Beetle 2.0

Hmmmmm I see someone is hard at work!  Neil Sterry our UK photographer bringing the game super hardcore from the UK! The variety is an example to all here in the states, this how the UK really does it. What a better site to represent that on but GRIPSET. Thank you to Neil for all the hard work since day one.

Bahhhh Bahhhh Black Sheep! Nah you Trippy mane! We already told you, the most innovative and envelope busting rides will be here on the 'set! If you want all that other lame stuff.....? You already know that blog sites addy! This is the second most unique VW beetle many of us have probably laid eyes on, for some of you maybe even the first. If it is your first time, perfect, first impressions count! This jaw dropping panty dropper sure swayed our vote on loving this revived iconic motor. Built with finesse this national classic never looked more appealing than right now! Many of us buy cars to fit in and to please our peers and gain the adoration of onlookers by that purchase. When in fact we fret of being the outsider, the black sheep; so naturally we coerce ourselves into buying that trendy ride. Into loving it. Well not here, not today, not this feature. So smooth in style and appearance the owners name can only further bring ambiance to this feature. D. Buttersworth VW Beetle is one for the almanac ladies & gents. After seeing this there should be no doubt for you beetle owners, let this be one of the lights unto your path - leave here today inspired, with vision and vigilance.

The car was intended to be a daily driver. I had a Golf mk1 before this and it was a brilliant car, unfortunately it didn't like London traffic so I moved it on to someone who could appreciate it better. Also at the time I had a T25 camper which was my weekend toy. However I needed something to get me from A to B with minimum fuss. I didn't even think about a new beetle at the time when looking but this one came up and had been owned by a well known mechanic in the scene and I thought "why not, go look at it". One test drive later and it was mine, that was March 2009. It stayed unchanged for about 6 months. Then gradually the mods started happening, little things at first but they kept coming. The decision to put the car on air was purely a practical one at the time, I needed a car that could tow a small caravan which had replaced the camper and because someone had tried to steal the car it would be a lot more secure if it couldn't actually be moved. The camper was sold and the car got dumped. 

Since then it's just been a gradual change through different wheels, steering wheels, seats etc to the point where is it now. I think it's had 6 sets of wheels and about the same in steering wheels, that's where the changes tend to start, lol. I'm motivated by the fact that there isn't a lot of beetles about that get modified to a high level and push boundaries with fitment and stance and that's what I like to do, push. I love when people say things can't be done, that's just a challenge to me. I like to take things that shouldn't work and make them work, and work the way I want them to. But I also do most of the work myself, the only thing I didn't do was fit the air suspension and paint the front.


Mattig spoiler painted white | spurious side decals | modded Cupra lip to fit beetle bumper 
smoothed front end | American passenger side mirror to match stubby uk passenger side 
American badges front and rear |  tinted reverse light | Westfalia hidden towbar
Techno blue original colour

self painted center dash and center console | Alpine tweeters in air vents w/ TT aluminium vent surrounds modified to fit | custom billet mounts for air gauges in cup holders 
  TT pedals vinyl wrapped white | custom foot plates | Nardi wooden wheel on removable boss various dash parts vinyl wrapped white
 Recaro mk4 heated leather front seats | beetle leather rear bench | mk5 light switch 
mk4 indicator stalks with mfa switches in to be wired into the air system.

 2.0 aqy with DNA tuning remap | green carbon panel filter | snow box delete 
 upgraded plugs and leads | Self painted engine cover with Nefarious pinstriping 
Engine raised by 15mm | custom stainless exhaust from the cat back | raised.

currently 3sdm 0.05 8.5/95x18 et35 | 215/35/18 Toyo Proxes all round 
 TSW Tiger in white 18x8 et35 with 215/35 rubber 
Suspension is a custom Rayvern kit built around Avo front shocks with Jom rear shocks
 Firestone bags all round | Firestone tank and compressor hidden in wheel well |  Polo 6n top mounts ARB removed | chassis notched | 10mm spacers up front | none out back at the moment.

 blaupunkt Casablanca head unit | alpine tweeters | blaupunkt oem upgrade door speakers 
 standard mid subs in the rear |  Kicker L5 in a sealed box powered by a Sony amp
Sub controller on dash.

When it comes to future plans I don't really have a plan but I do like to change things up every now and then. I'll see something, normally from another scene, and try and use that in a way on the car. For the moment though I'm really happy with how the current incarnation looks and am just enjoying it. I'll always be changing things though as I'll spot something which bugs me and have to put it right.

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