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Import Alliance - Sparta, KY

S/O to Jeremy King for traveling down to KY to cover this event for us. New to the site but already puttin in some work, get use to the Southern State with that mid-west swang!

Their heart of the city. Ungoverned and un-policed by today's rules set forth by society IA goes down the real way. The true spirit of showmanship.

Import Alliance Summer Meet 2013 went down,  July 20 & 21, 2013. Eight hours of fun from, 9am – 5pm. 2 days  in a row. Saturday and Sunday; at the Kentucky Speedway in  good ol' Sparta Kentucky! Lauching in 2006 IA took flight as home to all true enthusiasts. A place to bring your A-Game, to show off what you've slaved on night after night, year after year. A show front to let it all out, No rewards given. No one leaving with a bad taste in their mouth feeling robbed.

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Coverage by Jeremy King
Gripset Photographer.

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