Holy Grail • Laurence Albay's 00' S2000

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Laurence Albay - 2000 Honda s2000

S/O to Mark Anthony, our So.Califas Gripset photographer. Like all our crew, they're always hard at work. Between school, and work, they still make time to shoot features for the love of it all.

One of the most coveted Mid-Engine RWD platforms since the Toyota Corolla GT-S Hatchback, the S2000 reanimated took the world by storm in 1999. Originally powered with Hondas latest designed F20c power plant.  This Engine like the K-series Transplant spun/rotated clockwise. All previous Honda power plants spin counter clockwise. So, for all you ponderer's no not it's not the same "F-series" as your older accord/prelude. The greatest part about the S2000 was that it brought some shine to the "S" chassis roadster history. Entries like the S500, S600, and S800 were long forgotten. The all new S2 was Offered in a soft top, and hard top versions. These cars would attract a whole new generation of enthusiasts, and spawn a wave of aftermarket support that would push boundaries on automotive styling. Voltex, Spoon, J's, Amuse, just to name a few, are some of the brightest of those companies that exist when looking to turn up your S! Bred for mayhem on the motorsports speedway  by nature sit back and enjoy this weeks featured Honda S2000, Owned by Laurence Albay.

Tshis journey all started when I was a freshman in high school, in the year 1999, when I had saw my first s2000 that a spoiled senior kid owned. I remember seeing commercials but I've never seen one in person and I instantly fell in love....it was my dream car! I never thought in a million years I would ever own an s2k though. It was way out of my price range. My first car was a 98 Honda civic coupe, then an Integra sedan and GSR with a type r front end.  Those cars were around my price range, lol. When I finally sold my last Integra it was time to purchase another vehicle and to be honest I didn't know what to get.  When a friend of mine named Franco Pacoli jokingly said you should get an s2000, then quickly said, no, I'm getting one first. I thought about it and started looking for s2000 online to my surprise they have gotten a little cheaper from what I remembered.   So I found one in Burbank for a great price and I had to pick it up, a dream come true, a bone stock 2000 Honda s2000.  

            The year was 2007 when I picked up this beauty and told myself I'm keeping this car stock because I don't have any money to fix it up.  Yeah that's what I told myself and of course I was wrong! Surely little by little I started fixing it up.   Lowered the car got a lip, hardtop, and rims. I thought less was more so I was OK at that time. Until I met my friend Gilbert Aguirre who specialized in paint and body and before you know it there was a color change, a different hardtop, a wide body and exhausts and I arrived to how it sits now.  I never would have thought when I first bought my s2k back in 2007 that it would end up looking like how it is today, but with help from friends from "Cali Love crew," my friend Yan from the OC who is my main mechanic, my girlfriend Brenda who has been patient with the build in the last couple of years, my paint guy Gilbert and other friends and family I thank you guys for being there.  It's funny too because there were a couple of times where I have posted my car up for sale and I knew I was going to regret it. After it's all said and done I'm glad I kept it and will have big plans for the near future. 


18x9.5 black Enkie nt03 |  27 offset all round

Function n form type 2 coil overs

Red s2000 interior | Momo steering wheel with quick release
Razo shift knob  |  Ap2 center console


Vis spoon front bumper |  HID fog lights
Ap2 custom headlights | Shine asm fenders
Shine asm rear over fenders | Slotted rotors
Vis spoon hardtop | Vis asm rear bumper
Js rep rear diffuser | Berk test pipe
Js racing dual exhaust

K & N Intake |  Headers

Am Going to go fully built engine with Turbonetics gt-k 650 turbo with stage 3 clutch and with a r200 diff kit and maybe some Recaros and new wheels.    

I just wanna thank all of my friends that helped throughout the whole build like Cali love crew friends Yan and Gilbert and my girlfriend Brenda whose helped me through the last couple of years of having the patience with the whole build.

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