ECHM 2013 | Event Coverage

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East Coast Honda Meet - Richmond, VA

S/O to our very own co.founder Sharon B. & our Gripset photographer Roderick Patterson for making this a tag team coverage. While Sharon was providing LIVE coverage via our IG, Roderick was shooting this as the dynamic duo masqueraded side by side. Huge shout out to goes to Roderick who came out to make this coverage happen, supporting and spreading the GS buzz w/ Sharon to the see of people.

ECHM July 6 & 7, 2013 Richmond International Speedway, Richmond VA.

Gates opened 11am sharp

ECHM started about 6 years ago ( founded in 2008 ), by a Marcus Hyde. Like all other ideas it began small and as time elapsed it would grow into something bigger; as it grew every passing summer. Depending on the event turn out it's length would vary, in fact some years it was a 2 day event! The good news is every year it's different and you really don't know what to expect when attending. What we do know is that each year it keeps getting bigger and bigger, cars travel from further and further away to take part of this event. Literally from everywhere, not only the DMV (d.c maryland or virginia) cars from new jersey, PA, TN etc. This is notably one, if not the singular most largest Acura/Honda event in the east coast to date. Nearly nothing compares to the excitement that a H&A enthusiast gets when that countdown starts.  This particular year the event was a 2 day event and it also featured a newly created VIP area ,which was comprised of cars that where selected on site. Giving the freshest roll-ins their 15min in the lime light.

Coverage by Roderick Patterson
Gripset Photographer.

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