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Can't Fake the Fitment - Redmond, WA

Big ups massive to our Gripset Canadian photographer, Jason Manchester, who traveled down from Canada to Washington to cover this event for us. Definitely trying to rep for us and all of you as much as he can by providing us coverage from every meet/show possible, no matter how big or how small. YOU KNOW GRIPSET has to be there.

Can’t Fake the Fitment. A no holds bar show-off, "about what your fitment is." Took place Saturday, June 29th. In Redmond, WA. With ample show parking to get your car fixation on and fields of green for casual enjoyment for those that make it a family day. It was a meet for all, showing no bias to a specific crowd, it catered to all aspects of car culture. With the best show layout we've seen to date,  285 spots would surely set the tone as things were scheduled to get crankings (remember a few weeks back, we told you, sometimes we make up our own words here at GS...ehh hemm ) at 12:00pm and continue throughout the day. Early roll in started at 9:30 am, giving everyone a chance to settle in and present their days best.

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Coverage by Jason Manchester
Gripset Photographer.

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