Bagged Beauty • Lloyd Bain's 2005 VW Passat

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Lloyd Bain - 2005 VW Passat

Shoot to kill? None other but "the butcher," Neil Sterry hailing from the UK! Blessing us with this weeks feature Neil shakes things up visually with a low dubber.

The whole world is an inspiration melting pot and chances are if you don't have any knowledge, of anything outside yourself, this feature may not amaze you. All the mods are so subliminal, only an eye with a knack for detail can spy the beauty of this fitting motor. The VAG scene is similar to that of the Honda/Acura car scene in the US. What we mean by that is; Here in the US the Honda cars are made to look like the Japanese Equivalent - sourcing those parts can often be quiet dreadful and expensive. Now just move that same thought a half world over, to the UK and what do you have? VAG! In the UK VAG is highly popular, it's even spread to the US and often misrepresented as a "stance/hardparker scene," but true enthusiasts understand it's tad bit from the truth. Their influences have weighed heavily on some trends to an extent, but the actual culture still posses an entirely separate set of values. However, that doesn't change the hunger for modifications. To create his independence it was only fitting one would draw inspiration from the US to transform his UK style/fitted Passat to elegantly stand above the rest..... 

From an early age I have always had an interest in cars and motorcycles. Over the years I have owned my fair share of modern sports bikes and cars but one thing that has always interested me is the VW scene. The variation of styles and how they have evolved over the years is what’s drawn me to this and kept me interested. I think the VW scene is at its best at the moment, always moving things forward with style, performance and innovation.

Before I bought the Passat I already had a good idea of what I wanted to do with it. Firstly was to keep the OEM styling. I had been looking for a while and had been carrying out a bit of research. I was a little wary with the reliability issues that the early 2.0 tdi’s had. However, this didn’t put me off when I found this B6 mocha brown tdi sport. It was a great spec with all the extras and a bonus of the rare paintwork.  At first I fitted a set of coil-overs and a few subtle extras, including smoked indicators, tinted windows and exhaust tips. I originally fitted a set of 19” Touareg Atheo alloys along with an R-line front splitter. After going to a few shows and seeing how great the US scene was evolving I had to get the car low and the only practical way was with air ride. With the combination of an airlift/firestone air ride kit and a chassis notch I achieved the drop and stance I wanted.  Over the winter I wanted a different look to the car so I sourced US spec front and rear bumpers along with a set of Bentley continental 19” alloys. The paintwork was tidied up and a few other OEM touches were added.


US spec front grill with parking sensors | US spec rear bumper
Front fog lights deleted | US spec clear rear fog light lens
R-line front splitter | Smoked front bumper and mirror indicators
Light smoke tinted windows.

Factory black leather | Genuine VW alloys pedals | Golf mk5 gti steering wheel
Black rear view mirror | Custom twin air gauges and switches mounted in centre cup holder.

9x19” Bentley continental Monoblock alloys with mirror polished outer faces
215/35 Falcon Tires

Airlift slam xl front struts
Chassis notch | Firestone rear bags with custom mounting brackets
Firestone compressor | 3 gallon tank
Boot set-up hidden in spare wheel well.

Standard 2.0 TDI | Color coded engine cover and caps
Audi R8 oil cap | Custom remap to 180bhp | Exhaust tips

The car is my daily ride, it is great on fuel, big enough for the family and gets great attention at shows! It’s one of my favorite cars to date, More to come.

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