A New Beginning • Adam Gottron's 2001 TT225 Quattro

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Adam Gottron - 2001 Audi TT225 Quattro

Welcome and S/O to one of our newest members of the Gripset Family; Jeremy King. You may recall him from a past collab, during "#Shrinkallthecars Meet." In case you don't, better get used to that name. He'll be holding it down for GS in Ohio. Our family keeps growing more and more, but the special part is we are glad to have the support of all of you.

It's not always about being Mr.Right and having the right car. It's also a mix of having the right car, in the right hands. Possibly a good woman too somewhere in the equation, they always seem to keep the sense in sensibility, as the backbone of encouragement. Nothing more profound than a package of unexpectedness reminiscent of a secret agent, a mystery box, too keep you occupied with a series of what ifs.  We know most people forget these tiny cars can cause a whole bunch of terror. WHAT? EXPLAIN! AWD TURBO SUCKA! Now, now, calm down, don't twist your panties all in a bunch without proper merit, we never said it was the fastest car in the world. We simply meant the platform, and potential is there and often overlooked. Rarely done properly chassis like this never get the Love deserved, at least before GRIPSET that is, HEHE shameless plug! But now there is us, so get use to a perspective on car culture outside yourself, outside your norm. Get use to what's really going down! Open your minds and accept theory of relativity is an expandable one!

 So for now, enjoy the first installment of Adam's sculpted TT.

A lot of people know my previous GTI Bagged on rotiform wheels. I loved the car but it was always missing the most important part of a car. Being fun, fwd. is never fun. I wanted something sportier with awd and I wanted to stay in the VW/AUDI scene. I knew I wanted an awd, 6speed German car so I was looking at S4 and TT's. S4's have been done a million times and I loved the idea of the TT because not many people do them right. I bought this car a month ago and it looked like crap. It had 19inch discount tire wheels, some aftermarket ugly bumper, oxidized headlights and tail lights, huge subs and missing tons of OEM pieces. It was the definition of a poop car.

In the past month I’ve had my buddies at Foreign Exchange in Dayton, Ohio do all the mechanical maintenance. I was adament about getting my car back to 100%. The laundry list had just begun replacing key items such as: timing belt, gaskets, water pump, Haldex, etc. I started ordering all my parts before actually picking up the car like wheels, air ride, brides, etc. I did all the other work myself with the help of a couple friends with the air install. I’m stuck on German cars and only like to drive them but I have a heart for JDM cars and that’s what inspired my interior. I’ve only had it for a month and have made good progress but this won’t be my last feature with Gripset!


Votex Front Bumper | Votex Side Skirts | Votex Wing
OEM Red Tails | 15% Tint

Bride Seats | Rear Seat Delete | Pioneer Radio
Avenue wheel | Momo Hub | Aluminum Shift Knob
OEM Monster Mats

K&N Air Filter | Custom Exhaust

CCW LM5T | 18x9 et21 | 18x10 et21
215 225/40/18 S-Drives

Airlift Slam Struts | V2 Management w/ 3/8 lines
(2) 3 gallon tanks | Sms water trap
Bilstein Shocks | ECS Upper And Lower Rear Control Arms

I plan on getting the car re-sprayed a pearl white, roll cage, shave bumpers, big brake kit, and big turbo build, with a shaved bay. I love this car and plan to have it for awhile

I want to show some love to all my boys at Lowcally Famous also my amazing girlfriend for dealing with me and with my build. She has def. helprd me make decisions on the build with the car.  

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