That's a WRAP | Jun. 24-28

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Andrew J. - 2003 Volkswagen Jetta Mk4

S/O to our Tennessee photographer, Bryan Cheney, who travel down to SOWO in Georgia. Where he met up with the owner and shot it onsite. Even though we wanted to make this feature live as soon as possible, Bryan had a couple of other obligations but his work is never disappointing. It is definitely WORTH THE WAIT.

GLOSSY POSSY!  Rare to see a wrapped car that looks so legit, as if it was fresh off the showroom floor and modified. Most lads go for the low-key look at me satin look, it just screams wrap. Conversation piece we presume, but, let's not take away from the creative spirit, work, and technology put into them. With this Euro chill creeping up my spine, we feel it's just beginning. These guys are really frontiering the thought of individuality. The dopest part about that is Gripset is logging it all under one URL, with a family to die for. The MK4 chassis below, is one to drool over....sweet, simple, in a hue that projects a feeling of warmth.

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The Motivation
Building my car really came from the time that I received my first car when I was 16 years old.  I searched aimlessly through craigslist for months looking for civics, 240's, and other JDM junk.  Then my dad decided it was time for him to get a new car so he handed his old commuter car, a 2002 Jetta.  I immediately began surfing the forums and found incentive to lower my car and it's been a sickness ever since.  After I decided to sell my first Jetta I flipped through a few other cars but nothing felt right.  I then found myself back in another Jetta which is the one you see today.  As hard as I tried to get out of owning a Jetta and out of the euro scene it just feels like home.  The car started as a fully stock, one owner, platinum gray 2003 Jetta.  My original plan was to slam it on some coilovers and buy some regular old one piece wheels and drive it down to sowo and park in the visitors parking and just a regular old mk4 kid.  But then I began to think about how beat up my first Jetta got by being static I chose to keep this car clean from the start and I opted for air ride.  I worked things out with a good friend, Marc Davis, who pointed me in the direction of Andrew from Open Road Tuning who shot me an amazing deal that I just couldn’t say no to.  Once air was in the works Marc Davis told me to go big or go home.  This is where the real splits came into play.  I searched and searched for a set of CCW classics and one day stumbled across a set of CCW LM20's in bad condition, fully prime black, for a good price.  I immediately scooped them up and the refinishing process began and the finished product is what you see on the car today.  Seeing that two of my friends own/work in a car wrapping shop, CL Designs of Lake Norman, it only seemed fit to finish off the car with a fresh wrap.  I went with a metallic gloss brown too keep it subtle and classy, but also something you didn’t see every day.  SO in short the whole build was fueled off my friends pushing me to my limits to build a good looking car in time for SOWO to be a booth car for CL Designs.  The whole build for this car occurred in a little over 4 months all funded by working as a server in a restaurant.


Full analog air ride kit provided through Open Road Tuning

CCW LM20's 18x8.5 front with 2.5" lips and 18x10.5 with 3.5" lips

Full Metallic gloss brown wrap

Bora R replica side skirts | Replica roof spoiler

Future Plans
 I'm not sure where I want to go at this point.  It will either have some cheaper rollers slapped on it and daily drive it and buy a different car to build, or she will go under the knife once again and undergo some big changes which you'll have to wait until h2o 2013 in Ocean City, Maryland.

Shout Out
I would like to thank all my close friends that have pushed me through this whole build process pushing my limits and keeping me motivated.  Also I would like to thank Andrew from Open Road Tuning as this car wouldn't be on air if it wasn't for him, his great prices, and his awesome customer service working with you building your ideal bag setup fitting your budget but most of all a huge thanks to my girlfriend Taylor for putting up with me through the whole build, all the way from hanging out with me during those long nights in the garage, to sandwiches for dinner to save funds for the build.

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