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Eddie A. - 2008 Acura TSX

Being a Family Team, and playing this Family Sport, we always love and welcome collaborations with photogs around the globe. This week we S/O and send a huge thanks to our New york collab. Christopher Umali. You may recall him from one of our past features ( what the Ruck? ), so with his talent it was a no brainer for a sequel. Now what made it different this time around he teamed up with Vinnie Dicarlo; to make this feature not only a photo feature but a video feature as well. Both of these gentlemen are so very talented and helpful it is really an honor to have so much support from everywhere.

In this life nothing is free, scratch our back and We'll scratch yours is the barter of the world! Some take that for granted, but not the owner of this "strictly business" TSX. Eddie took the initiative to reach out, and get the best quality pics to represent his hardwork, for those of you that love and follow Gripset for this feature. It was the cars build, it's setup, and feeling that has visually been worth every penny. In a catharsis state only the best would fitting for a top notch TSX. Still in it's early stages of greatness we get too take a look at one of those rides you'll love to see later on. A low ans static beast from the East. Does that mean more is to come?............................... well only time can tell. Tomorrow is promised to no one, but just in case it is, we'll start it by introducing this car before your eyes, only if it's just this once.

The LOVE we get at Gripset is phenomenal, makes us glad to do this for you all, it's what makes it worth it!

The Motivation
I feel like it’s everyone's dream to make their visions turn to reality, whether it be with a physical/mental goal or both. In my case, the TSX has been just that. Since childhood I've been heavily involved in motorsports, having a 2 generation family owned auto body shop I've owned: dirt bikes, go karts, almost anything and everything with a motor. Things really took flight when I purchased my first car in 2007, a bone stock 94 Honda Civic sedans. I immediately started buying parts; a complete original B series Type R engine/ transmission swap from an imported JDM Acura Integra, brand new D2 coilovers, ASR sub frame and sway bar, Function 7 control arms accompanied by a Beaks tie bar as well as other parts for a full auto to manual swap. Before getting the chance to turn a single wrench on the car it was totaled. A week later I bought a bare shell of the same model. My dad and I did completed some body work/ color change and finally installed the parts. Unfortunately just over 3 months of owning that car it was stolen, depressed but not discouraged I planned my next move. I bought a 97 accord I did similar work to it, (body work, paint, suspension, quick release steering wheel/hub) but later sold it and picked up an immaculate fully loaded pre-owned 2008 Acura TSX as my daily driver. Around the time I owned my first car the "scene" that I was familiar with was mainly function, motor work and wheels. You know, rocking the thicker sidewall for handling, some drag racing on the days off was the weekly ritual; however as time progressed the exposure of  fitment (stance) as some call it evolved rapidly to say the least. The TSX sat bone stock for quite some time. Most of my attention and focus was motorcycles, it was another huge past time afvorite that ran through my family. Having 3 bikes including my most recent 2008 Kawasaki ZX10. Once, I graduated college I immediately started investing into this car. 

Forums were my main source of information and knowledge considering most of my friends with perfect fitment were Euro enthusiast, which have completely different suspension components, wheel size limits etc. Countless hours, days and months we're spent researching parts, figuring out how certain wheel specs would look, what fabrication was necessary to make them fit, tire size, what lip kit I wanted etc. I vividly remember arriving to Canibeat's First Class Fitment 2012 last fall and hoping one day to build a car making the wheel sit so perfectly aligned with the fenders/quarters and that’s just what I set out to do.  My first purchase was a custom built to order set of CCW's. They ( ccw ) had just released a new design called the LM5T's. Ironically, just days before CCW released the new design to the public via Instagram, a buddy of mine whose close with the sales reps texted me a sneak peek. During this time I was 100% decided on set of 3 piece Work Meister S1's, but quickly changed my mind after laying eyes on the brilliant twist style 5 spoke face from CCW's new LM series. A week later I pre-ordered one of the first sets. My next step was an A-spec front and rear lip, custom valved, custom spring, extreme low BC racing coil overs with really stiff spring rates to accommodate one of the most aggressive wheel specs I've seen on a TSX to date. Still a building progress I purchased skunk 2 front camber kits which I modified to get a little more camber out the "normal" allowance, following that was two separate rear camber kits to make these low offset 10.5 rear wheels fit. The help and support from family and friends have helped the car get to its current state, they're opinions, spare time wrenching in the garage and silly jokes comparing our cars have sparked many ideas and mods to come. Unlike many Tsx's which have an inspired Euro R approached, in efforts to be different I wanted to keep the car OEM.


Fully Polished CCW LM5T | Gold ARP hardware.
18 x 10.5 +10 Front 4inch lips
18 x 10.5 -5 rear. 4.5 inch lips
225/35/18 Federal 595

BC Racing extreme low Br Coilovers | Custom valved | 18k/16k spring rates.
Skunk 2 Front camber kit | SPC and Ingalls rear camber kit.
22MM 2008 Acura TL Type S rear sway bar, bushings, end links.

Acura TSX OEM A-Spec front lip
Acura TSX OEM A-Spec rear lip.

12K purple hid fogs, independent fog light relay

Future Plans
Interior mods, seat change. a few other confidential ideas.
J's racing rear diffuser | full color change towards the end of the year
custom suspension upgrades | bigger rear lips

Shout Out
I’d like to thank Gripset Co.Founder Sharon and the Gripset staff, my friends UberFresh Squad, Limitless Promo. In addition Sunny and Tommy Bloxx from Good Fellas MC on the bikes in the video, Manny12's, Jay as well as two of my great friends Chris Umali (Umali Photography) and Vinnie Dicarlo (Limitless Promo) for shooting/filming the car for this set and many others.

 VIDEO brought to you by 
 Vinnie Dicarlo Gripset Collab. Videographer

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