Southern Worthersee 2013 | Event Coverage

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SOWO - Helen, Georgia

When good isn't good enough, the conquers strive for greatness, shout out to Bryan Cheney our Tennessee photographer; who traveled down to Georgia to shoot this for us, but truly for all of you!!!! This lad has been so helpful and motivating with the rest of the crew to support our growth. Although we wish this could have been publish much sooner, we've all been hard at work balancing our double lives. This year is off to a jump with many events and features but w/out  further excuses better late then ever!

To summarize this event, We'll cut to the point and get to the facts.....

In this "Bavarian-themed town of Helen, Georgia," enthusiasts gather for a memorable event. Getting it's sir name from its striking similarities to the Southern Wörthersee region of Austria, "Southern Worthsee" automotive union in Georgia is one that pays homage to car, driver, and the spirit of  the "Wörthersee Tour." Bringing together the most influential cars from automakers Audi and VW in one spot it's worth the drive. It's an intense few days of auto expression, creation. Sparking new friendships, ideas, while improving the quality of life as we take a break to enjoy our passion this event is among the nations best.

Coverage by Bryan Cheney
Gripset Photographer.

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