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Nate S. - 1998 Acura CL

This particular feature was a duo/team feature. Our very own Colin Kagel and John You teamed up to make Nate's first feature the best! Doing a photo shoot with a video! They both set up a time and place and with no hesitation, coordinated very well, perfection will be your perception. There is no "I" in TEAMWORK. We are one big family working for one purpose, Your viewing pleasure.

If you can't already tell, it's a CL.....Killin it! You may have seen this car parading in Cali. streets but in case you haven't; here it is, in it's first feature everrrrrr! Another one of those modded cars you don't and won't see everyday, makes it to GRIPSET, we were blessed to bring it to you first! It takes heart going the road less traveled fixing up a car that's known as uncharted territory. Finding parts altogether can be down right discouraging, many builds never see the light of day but it takes a masterpiece to get this appreciation for such underrated creations. Where there is a will, there is a way. With the GS tag team on site documenting this display proof was in the pudding that anything is possible. Make them love the one of a kind you've created, brake the mold, like the old encouraging phrase, ''build it and they will come.'' with due time it'll all come full circle and the day you dreamed will arrive. Ever so freshly modified this car takes on auto styling with cues from vip luxury, wet paint that glistens like a low-low, and fitment good enough for laying frame. With smooth straight body lines, leading to beautiful curves it would have been harmful to overdress this beauty. We just couldn't end this with a photoshoot, being the cool chill guy Nate was, our fam wanted to take his feature to the next level by offering up a bit more of themselves - incorporating a video to compliment Nate's next level achievements with his 2dr CL. Be sure to watch the video of this slammed sled gettin turnt up!

The Motivation
This is my first car and I did not plan to build it to its current state. When I first got the car I had no idea what I wanted to do with the car, I knew I wanted to drop the car and make it cool. I went through several different styles over the years. I went through ricer style, track/sporty style, OEM style, and now the VIP style. Over the years, I bought and swapped parts back and forth looking for something fitting for the car. And the last two years have been where the car took a different route for a new look. It took about two years of buying parts, planning, and working on the car to get to this stage. It all started off with this wild vision in my head to create a really cool looking car. The idea was very raw and needed a lot of revising. I wanted to build this car because it is not a popular platform and I wanted it to be unique. I didn’t want to be just another car guy who just blended in with the crowd but wanted to create a car that had a wow factor to it. One of the key factors to building the car was that I wanted proves to me I was capable of building a beautiful car. As a teenager growing up, I read through car magazine and watched car show that showed these beautiful cars. In the back of my mind I told myself that I wanted to do something like what I saw. And this car was my opportunity to take this car that had no aftermarket support for and create into an artwork. This chassis was never meant to be a VIP platform car but I love the style so much that I saw something in the car that could make it into a VIP style car.


 Engine Bay
Cold Air Intake | Cusco Strut bar

Custom Front Bumper 

[WW Front Lip molded on the bumper and Bumper Lengthen down to sit lower]
Mugen Rep Sides Skirts 
[Meant for the 4 door Accord fitted to my car and includes puddle lights]
Rear Bumper [Stock bumper fused together with g37 bumper] | Acura TL side markers
Shave windshield washers, rear trunk emblem, shave side molding on door and quarter panel
Custom fenders | Custom retrofitted headlights
Tinted taillights | Clear turn signal lights

Momo Steering Wheel | NRG Quick release | Spec D Hub
Razo Shift knob | Razo Pedal | NRG E Brake handle | Custom painted interior pieces

S2000 Seats with custom brackets | Reupholstered Seats, panels, center console, armrest, and etc.
All panels were changed from gray to black | Diamond stitched headliner with LED lights
 JDM Accord armrest | AVS Digital Air Reader | Custom Wood trunk
Pioneer App-radio2 | Pioneer and Kenwood Speakers


Air Lift Air Suspension Struts with custom mounts | 5 gallon air tank | Airbagit Valves
AVS Controller | Custom wireless remote | Energy Suspension Bushings | Slotted rotors

SSR: Linea Sport: Club VIP | 18x8.5 -- & 18x9.5 - 225/40/18

Custom Finish 
High polished lips inside and outside
faces were painted a Honda color, bolts and center caps were refinished

Future Plans
The car is almost-finished; I will be adding a few more things and be taking a break on modding the car. I want to add subtle touches to the car. In the future I plan to do the 5-lug swap for the car in order to have more wheel selection, I would like to turbo the car or swap in k or j series in the car, and do a BBK including swapping out a few suspension parts. Knowing me things will change and doing these upgrades might happen sooner that I plan.

Shout Out
I want to thank all my friends and family, the shops that sponsored me 
 (Hamericks Paint and Body [Nick, Mazzo, and Terry], JPCustom Seats [JP, Sammy, and Esteban],
 Vinylworkz, Reachout Industry, and David Deezign) who have helped me with the build.

VIDEO brought to you by John You
Gripset Videographer

Before you PRESS PLAY
MAKE SURE to WATCH in 1080p

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