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Nurotag - Orlando, FL

Everyone wants to test the new kid on the block. Fresh meat to the cellar, usually means it's time to show what you got, so shout out to one our newest member of the family Emanuel Simpson who came out hoooooard (translation hard - yes we use ebonics) - With this first installment and event coverage repping Gripset from the Sunshine State; FL. He warns.. to expect more work from him soon.

Nurotag WTF??

"Nurotag is a revolutionary brand that understands and appreciates cars, people, fashion, art and music. nurotag invites all guests to help decide the top cars of the events by utilizing social media’s Instagram to cast votes. The finalists are determined by a combination of Instagram “likes” and Nurotag Board of Directors votes. Instagram “likes” will account for 75% of the contestants score, and the Nurotag Board of Directors votes will account for 25% of the score - nurotag all Stars show location is to be announced at a later date."

 so basically.....Nurotag is the modern day "David and Goliath," of cars; a battle of the giants, only fitting for survivors with the freshest whips. The best step up, and the worst get shutdown. The awkward part is the worst are still amazing rides, and some of the best contestants in the nation. Nurotag is one of the most exciting auto events simply because the majority vote of the people aide the crowning of the next victor. With no limits on what you'll see next, cars from all walks of life participate both domestic and import, 2-wheels and 4-wheels. Reminiscence of a battle royal, competition is at it's finest.

Enjoy some of the most diverse event footage you may ever see!!!! And if you don't want to miss the next nurotag live and in person, visit to see future dates & locations

Coverage by Emanuel Simpson
Gripset Photographer.

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